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* 3D Lemmings by Psygnosis
* Pinball 3D-VCR by 21st Century
* The 11th Hour by Virgin Interactive Entertainment


* A-10 Cuba by Activision
* Absolute Pinball by 21st Century
* Abuse by Electronic Arts Studios
* Aces of the Deep by Dynamix
* Afterlife by LucasArts
* Age of Rifles by S.S.I.
* Alien Logic by S.S.I.
* Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure by Mindscape
* Allied General by S.S.I.
* Alone in the Dark III by Infogrames
* Al Unser JR., Arcade Racing by Mindscape
* Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy by Mindscape
* Archimedean Dynasty by Blue Byte Software
* Armored Fist by Novalogic
* Ascendancy by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* Atari 2600 Action Pack by Activision
* Azrael's Tear by Mindscape


* Baldies by Panasonic Interactive Media
* Bermuda Syndrome by BMG Interactive
* The Big Red Adventure by Core Design
* Big Red Racing by Domark
* Bioforge by Origin
* Blown Away by IVI Publishing
* Blue Ice by Psygnosis
* Broken Sword by Virgin
* Brutal: Paws of Fury by Gametek
* Bureau 13 by Gametek
* Buried in Time by Sanctuary Woods


* Cadillacs & Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm by Rocket Science Games
* The City of Lost Children by Psygnosis
* Civilization II by Microprose
* CivNet by MicroProse
* Clandestiny by Trilobyte
* Colonization by MicroProse
* Command & Conquer by Westwood Studios
* Commander Blood by Mindscape
* Conqueror: A.D. 1086 by Sierra On-Line
* Red Alert by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* Creature Shock by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* Creep Clash by 47-Tek
* Crime Patrol by American Laser Games
* Crusader: No Remorse by Origin
* Cyberia by Interplay
* Cyber Judas by Merit Studios
* CyberMage: Darklight Awakening by Origin
* Cyclemania by Accolade
* Cyclones by S.S.I.


* Dark Forces by LucasArts
* Deadline by Psygnosis
* Deadlock by Accolade
* Death Keep by S.S.I.
* Death Gate by Legend Entertainment
* Descent by Interplay
* Descent 2 by Interplay
* Destruction Derby by Psygnosis
* Destruction Derby 2 by Psygnosis
* Diablo by Blizzard Entertainment
* The Dig by LucasArts
* Discworld by Psygnosis
* Discworld 2 by Psygnosis
* Don't Quit Your Day Job by Philips Media Games
* Down in the Dumps by Philips Media
* Dragon Lore by Mindscape
* Drug Wars by American Laser Games
* Dungeon Keeper by Bullfrog New
* Dungeon Master II by Interplay


* The Elk Moon Murder by Activision
* Earthworm Jim by Activision
* EF 2000 by Ocean Software
* Empire 2 by New World Computing
* Enemy Nations by Windward Studios
* Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall by S.S.I.
* Eradicator by Accolade
* Escstatica by Psygnosis
* Euro 96 by Gremlin Interactive


* The 5th Fleet by Avalon Hill
* Fable by SirTech Software
* Fade to Black by Electronic Arts Studios
* Fallen Haven by Interactive Magic New
* Fantasy General by S.S.I.
* Fatal Racing by Interplay
* Firestorm: Thunderhawk 2 by Core Desgin
* Firo & Klawd by BMG Interactive
* Flight Unlimited by Looking Glass Technologies
* Flying Corps by Empire Interactive
* Freddie Fish 2 by Humongous Entertainment
* Full Tilt! 2 Pinball by Maxis
* Full Throttle by LucasArts


* Gazillionaire Deluxe by LavaMind
* Gearheads by Philips Media
* GeneWars by Bullfrog
* Ghost Bear's Legacy by Activision
* Golden Gate by Panasonic Interactive Media
* Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland by Dreamworks Interactive
* Grand Prix Manager by Microprose
* Grand Prix Manager 2 by MicroProse
* Grand Prix II by MicroProse
* Guilty by Psygnosis


* Hammer of the Gods by New World Computing
* Harvester by Merit Studios
* Hell by Gametek
* Heroes of Might & Magic 2 by New World Computing
* Hi Octane by Bullfrog
* The Hive by Trimark Interactive
* Hodj 'n' Podj by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Disney Interactive
* Hyper 3D Pinball by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* Hyperblade by Activision


* Icebreaker by Magnet Interactive
* The Incredible Toon Machine by Sierra
* Indycar Racing II for DOS by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* Inferno by Ocean
* Iron Assault by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* Iron Cross by New World Computing


* Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games by SirTech Software
* Jesus: Evangiles & Peintures (Gospels & Paintings) by BMG Interactive


* King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride by Sierra On-Line
* Krazy Ivan by Psygnosis
* KKND - Krush Kill n Destroy by Beam Software New


* The Last Dynasty by Sierra On-Line
* All New Worlds of Lemmings by Psygnosis
* Lighthouse: A Dark Being by Sierra On-Line
* Links LS by Access
* Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine by Rocket Science Games
* Lords of the Realm 2 by Sierra On-Line
* Lost Eden by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* L-Zone by Synergy


* Magic Carpet by Bullfrog
* Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds by Bullfrog
* Magic Eye by Mindscape
* Magic the Gathering by MicroProse
* Mask by Cambrix Publishing
* Master of Magic by MicroProse
* Master of Orion 2 by MicroProse
* McKenzie & Co. by Her Interactive
* MechWarrior 2 by Activision
* Mech Warrior 2: Mercenaries by Activision
* Megarace II by Mindscape
* Menzoberranzan by S.S.I.
* MDK by Shiny Entertainment
* Micro Machines by Codemasters
* Micro Machines 2 by Codemasters
* Millennia: Altered Destinies by Take 2 Interactive
* Mission Critical by Legend Entertainment
* Monopoly by Westwood Studios
* Mortal Kombat II by Acclaim
* Muppet Treasure Island by Activision


* Nascar Racing by Papyrus
* The Need for Speed by Electronic Arts
* Nemesis by Sirtech Software
* Net Zone by GameTek
* NewBeat Trancemission by MicroForum
* The Neverhood by Dreamworks Interactive
* NHL '96 by EA Sports
* NHL 97 by EA Sports
* Novastorm by Psygnosis


* One World / One Tribe by Virgin Interactive
* Outlaws by LucasArts


* Pajama Sam in "No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside" by Humongous Entertainment
* Panzer General by S.S.I.
* PGA Tour 96 by EA Sports
* Phantasmagoria by Sierra On-Line
* Phantasmagoria 2 by Sierra On-Line
* Pinball 95 by Maxis
* Pinball Fantasies Deluxe by 21st Century Entertainment
* Pinball Illusions by 21st Century Entertainment
* Pinball World by 21st Century Entertainment
* Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure by Activision
* POD by Ubi Soft Entertainment
* Police Quest SWAT by Sierra On-Line
* Pool Champion by Mindscape
* Primal Rage by Time Warner Interactive
* Prisoner of Ice by Infogrames
* Pro Pinball: The Web by Empire Interactive
* Pro Pinball - Time Shock by Empire Interactive New


* Quake by id Software
* Quarantine II: Road Warrior by Gametek


* Rama by Sierra On-Line
* Rayman by Ubi Soft
* Rebel Assault 2: The Hidden Empire by LucasArts
* Return to Ringworld by Time Warner Interactive
* The Riddle of Master Lu by Sanctuary Woods
* Riddle of the Runes by US Gold
* Rings: Five Passions in World Art by Calliope
* Ripper by Take Two Interactive
* The Rise & Rule of Ancient Empires by Sierra On-Line
* Rise of the Robots by Time Warner Interactive
* Rise of the Triad: Dark War by Apogee


* SFPD Homicide: The Body in the Bay by Grolier Electronic Publishing
* Screamer by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* Screamer 2 by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* Sento by 47-Tek
* Settlers II by Blue Byte Software
* Shanghai: Great Moments by Activision
* Shellshock by Core Design
* Shivers by Sierra On-Line
* ShockWave Assault by Electronic Arts
* SimGolf by Maxis
* Sim Isle by Maxis
* Sim Town by Maxis
* SlamTilt by 21st Century
* Slobzone by Deep River Publishing
* Someones in the Kitchen by Dreamworks Interactive
* SoulTrap by Microforum
* Space Bar by Boffo Games
* Space Quest VI: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier by Sierra On-Line
* Space Pirate by American Laser Games
* Spycraft: The Great Game by Activision
* Star Control 3 by Accolade
* Star General by S.S.I.
* Star Reach by Interplay
* Star Trail by Sir-Tech
* Star Trek Deep Space 9: Harbinger by Viacom NewMedia
* Strife by Velocity
* Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity" by Spectrum Holobyte
* Steel Panthers by S.S.I.
* Steel Panthers II by S.S.I.
* Stonekeep by Interplay
* Stone Prophet by S.S.I.
* Su-27 Flanker by S.S.I.
* Super EF-2000 by Digital Image Design
* Superkarts by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* Super Ski Pro by Mindscape
* Super Stardust 96 by GameTek
* Synnergist by 21st Century EXCLUSIVE Inside Information!


* Terminal Velocity by FormGen
* TerraNova: Strike Force Centauri by Looking Glass Technologies
* This Means War by Microprose
* Theme Hospital by Bullfrog
* Thunderscape by S.S.I.
* Time Commando by Activision
* Tomb Raider by Eidos Interactive
* Toonstruck by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
* Torin's Passage by Sierra
* Tracer by 7th Level
* Transport Tycoon by MicroProse
* Trophy Bass by Sierra On-Line


* Ultimate Football '95 by MicroProse
* Uncle Henry's PlayHouse by Trilobyte
* Under a Killing Moon by Access
* Universe by Core Design
* US Navy Fighter by Electronic Arts


* Virtual Karts by Microprose
* Virtuoso by Elite Systems
* Voyeur by Interplay
* Voyeur II by Philips Media


* Wacky Wheels by FormGen
* Wages of War by New World Computing
* War College by GameTek
* Warcraft: Orcs and Humans by Blizzard Entertainment
* Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness by Blizzard Entertainment
* Warriors by Mindscape
* War Wind by S.S.I.
* Who Shot Johnny Rock? by American Laser Games
* Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger by Origin
* Wings of Glory by Origin
* WipeOut by Psygnosis
* Witchaven by Capstone
* Wizardry Gold by Sir Tech
* Wolf by Santuary Woods
* World Rally Fever by Team 17
* Worms by Team 17
* Wrath of the Gods by Luminaria


* X-COM: Terror from the Deep by Microprose
* X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter by LucasArts New
* X-Men: Children of the Atom by Acclaim Entertainment New


* You Don't Know Jack by Berkeley Systems


* Zephyr by New World Computing
* Zork Nemesis by Activision

Educative & Edutainment

* Adiboo: I Can Read, I Can Count by Sierra On-Line
* Aladdin's Activity Center by Disney Interactive
* Animated Storybook: The Lion King by Disney Interactive
* Calculus by Roudes
* Coral Reef by Arnowitz Studios
* Daring to Fly! by Arnowitz Studios
* The 1995 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia by Grolier Interactive
* Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing by Mindscape
* Peter and the Wolf by IBM Multimedia
* Peter & the Wolf by Time Warner Interactive
* The Adventures of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny by Mindscape
* Peter Rabbit's Number Garden by Mindscape
* Prehistoria by Grolier Electronic Publishing
* The Adventures of Hyperman by IBM Multimedia
* The Book of Shadowboxes by IBM Multimedia
* The Louvre Interactive by BMG


* 3DO Blaster by Creative Labs
* Cyberboy - Stereoscopic 3D by Woobo Electronics
* Eaglemax Joystick - by ACT Labs New
* Gravis UltraSound Max by Advanced Gravis
* Gravis Ultrasound Plug & Play by Advanced Gravis
* PowerRamp by ACT Labs
* Power VR vs 3DFx - What 3D Accelerator Card is Best? New
* SimulEyes VR by StereoGraphics
* Stereoscopic 3-D Spex by NuVision Technologies
* VFX-1 Headgear vs VIO I-Glasses
* Vivid 3D Plus by Nu Reality
* Vivid 3D Speakers by Nu Reality


The Special E3 report from Coming Soon Magazine covers the widest range of games from arcade to reflection through educative titles and new hardware that were presented at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta from June 19th to June 21st, 1997.
Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, & Report 4.

* 3D Lemmings by Psygnosis
* The 11th Hour by Trilobyte
* Addiction: Facts and Details
* Baldies by Gametek
* Big Red Racing by Domark Software
* Bureau 13 by Gametek
* Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror New Exclusive
* Combat Air Patrol by Psygnosis
* Darker by Psygnosis
* Dark Earth - Story and Features
* Interview with Perfect Entertainment. The Developers of Discworld II: Missing Presumed...?!!
* Interview with Stefan Boberg, lead programer of Addiction
* Discworld by Psygnosis
* Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!? Cut Down Story
* Frontier: First Encounters by Gametek
* Death Gate by Legend Entertainment Company
* Fairways to Heaven by Gametek
* Flight Unlimited by Looking Glass Technologies
* Harvester by Merit Software
* Hellfire Zone by Gametek
* Interview with Wolfgang Walk, Product Manager of Incubation at Blue Byte New
* Inferno by Ocean Software
* Jagged Alliance by Sir-Tech
* Magic The Gathering by Microprose
* MechWarrior II: The Clans by Activision
* Mission Critical by Legend Entertainment Company
* Navy Strike by Microprose
* Interview with Ken Demarest, President of Titanic Entertainment about Netstorm New
* Psycho Pinball by Codemasters
* Pyrotechnica by Psygnosis
* Quake by ID Software
* Sim Isle by Maxis
* Super Street Fighter II Turbo by Gametek
* Striker'95 by Time Warner Interactive
* Tir Na Nog by Psygnosis
* UFO Terror From The Deep by Microprose
* U.S.S. Ticonderoga by Mindscape
* The 1995 Winter CES Report

Updated August 20th, 1997

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