Jagged Alliance



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DATE: MAY 1995

The Plot

You are a member of The Association of International Mercenaries (AIM) hired by Brenda and Jack, a researcher and her father. They have asked you to regain control of a remote island in the South Atlantic called Metavira, so that they can continue their research about a toxic sap. This island is the only known source of the sap which is used against a degenerative children's disease. Unfortunately, Lucas Santino, a fellow researcher, wants to control the only supply of this high-priced drug. Therefore, your goal will be to protect the precious trees and to eliminate the greedy Scrooge and his gang.


Jagged Alliance is a strategy role-playing game on a full screen play area with strategic views, intense real time action and over 2,000 frames of stunning animations that provide characters with fluid movements. Sixty mercenaries come with their own voices and over 4,000 lines of spoken dialogue have been digitized for the CD-ROM version (a speech pack will be available shortly after the release of the game on floppy). The game also features cinematic sequences, spectacular sound effects, astounding music scores and more.

This real-time strategy/action game will bring the PC action scene to life this summer!


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