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PRICE: DISK 44.99 British Pounds CD-ROM 49.99 British Pounds

Facing the Rexxon Empire's threat, mankind only has one hope, you! In "Inferno", the latest game designed by D.I.D., you play the role of a pilot who survived the Rexxon morphing chamber. You are now capable of supporting high pressures and forces lethal for normal humans. Thus, you are now able to pilot space fighters with the latest technology and will be dispatched on a series of missions against the Rexxons.

"Inferno" is a huge game with more than 700 missions where you discover a world made of 7 planets and 3 moons. You will fly inside enemy spacecrafts or installations, over planetary surfaces and through space. Each planet has its own characteristics like climatic zones, gravity, light and more with over 100 different kinds of buildings. In space, fly the Inferno spacecraft to explore the Rexxon's mothership which is over six miles long and travels at a speed of Mach12. You will encounter over 60 different types of spacecrafts during vast space battles featuring over 100 crafts individually controlled by an advanced enemy AI.

The music is written by Alien Sex Fiend. "Inferno -- The Soundtrack" will be released on November 7th. It includes seventeen original pieces of music including "Take Off Tune", "Planet #1", "Moon Tune", etc.. with more than 70 minutes of music.

Inferno features incredible 3D graphics that require only a conventional PC (386 or better), interactive dialogue throughout the game with over 29,000 words (for the CD-ROM version) and a very exciting gameplay!


IBM PC & Compatibles,
Min 4Mb memory, DOS 5.0 or higher,
Hard drive,
VGA 256 colors graphic card and monitor,
CD-ROM drive (for the CD-ROM version),
Joystick, mouse supported,
Sound support not announced.


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