Dark Earth

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Dark Earth is our Earth, three centuries in the future. But far from being the happy, glowing future we might hope for, this is a ravaged icy, merciless world. The days are perpetual twilight while the nights are shrouded in utter darkness.

At the start of the third millenium, a gigantic comet passed very close to Earth, spitting out hundreds of deadly meteorites that neither anyone or anything on the planet was able to stop.

The resulting cataclysm changed the face of the Earth forever. The sky became a dome of black dust, the cold air is thick and clings to the lungs before crystallising on your cracked lips as you breathe out. There is a permanent murky smog, with visibility hardly ever exceeding five hundred yards.

Nobody ventures alone into the desolate landscape of Dark Earth. Death lurks everywhere. The treacherous ground gives way beneath careless feet, invisible poison clouds drift through the air, and the deathly cold of the night can paralyze even the strongest. And then there are the creatures, the 'things' that creep and crawl soundlessly through the night into the rash traveler's camp; the foolhardy voyager will never again see the half-light of day...

And yet in this nightmare world, a few islands of hope and civilization still cling on to life. These are the Stallites, fortified cities built by the survivors of the cataclysm. These places of refuge, warmth and safety are blessed and protected by the Sun God. The Stallites are illuminated by miraculous shafts of light that rend the black veil of the sky. The people of the Stallites are united by the same religious fervor, the worship of the Sun God. Here they have been able to relearn how day follows night. They search their memories to try to understand and use the strange devices left over from pre-Cataclysm days. And most importantly, they learn how to control, conserve and radiate sunlight in order to protect themselves from the all-embracing darkness.

On Dark Earth, light is the most precious commodity there is

Although the somber story of the hail of fire and black rock that rained down on the planet has been handed down through legend, the inhabitants of Dark Earth are unaware of the real causes of the cataclysm. Many believe the catastrophe to be an ancient curse, a divine punishment...

But the truth may be different...

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Dark Earth is developed by Kalisto Entertainment, and will be published by Microprose in November 1997.

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