Tir Na Nog



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In 1985, when "Tir Na Nog" arrived on the Spectrum, more than 35,000 units were quickly sold which made this game one of the best selling role-playing games of all time.

This spring, ten years later, Psygnosis will release a new version of the game using the new technologies that the CD-ROM format brings to developers. "Tir Na Nog" features state-of-the-art graphics using hand painted pictures, a main character that is over four times larger than the average screen character, a wide variety of puzzles including ciphers and riddles that will keep hardcore gamers busy for hours on end, a graphical controlled mouse interface and an instant save game option.

The story is based on Celtic mythology where The Great Enemy detains an absolute power. You will join Cuchalainn on a journey through the Otherworld and challenge the Great Enemy in a final confrontation. The game will offer you a massive gaming area, a lot of humor, great game play, and it is already considered as a must for RPG gamers.


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