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PRICE: US$79.95 / 54.95 British Pounds

Harvester is a graphically violent experience which combines role playing action with arcade style combat. The game includes hours of interactive dialogue sequences and over one hundred 3D animated cinematic sequences.

The Story

Born in Harvest seventeen years ago, where you have lived all your life (at least, that's what you think), you remember nothing because of amnesia. One morning, you wake up to a town full of strangers and weird sights, and discover that your fiancee is missing. In her bed, you find a hideous bloody skull with a spinal cord, and the only clue left behind is an invitation for you to enter The Order of the Harvest Moon. Are you courageous enough to accept it? One thing is clear, you will have to solve this mystery even if you die trying.

The lodge is a large building filled with traps and vicious opponents such as bizarre repulsive monsters, humanoid creatures, and even human beings which must be destroyed for your survival.

Will you have what it takes to become a butcher?

Harvester features a point-and-click interface with 3D animated cursor icons that morph from one icon to the other. Sound effects and a 16-bit digitized music score contribute to give an oppressive atmosphere to the game while beautiful rendered backgrounds in SVGA graphics with digitized video characters overlaid, bring the player state-of-the-art pictures.

Harvester has been developed jointly by Merit Software and Future Vision.


486SX or better, (486DX-33Mhz recommended)
Min 4Mb memory, DOS 5.0 or higher,
Hard drive with 10 Mb free,
SVGA 256 colors graphic card and monitor,
Double speed CD-ROM drive,
Mouse supported,
Sound Blaster 8-bit & 16-bit, SB AWE 32, Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16 and more.


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