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PRICE: US$79.95

From the designers of Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer (tm) and Ultima Underworld I & II (tm) comes a revolutionary flight simulator called FLIGHT UNLIMITED. Based on 3D photorealistic landscapes and a new physics model, Flight Unlimited is promised to be the new reference in flying simulations.

The new concept was designed to challenge the player with real flight situations and this required a change to the current flying simulation technology. Instead of considering the plane as a set of vectors, which arrange themselves in the right direction when you move the controls, Blackley, project leader and physics expert, imagined a model that could simulate the air around the plane and recreate the effect of a real atmosphere through a dynamic model. Never before has a flight simulator provided such a true flight experience except, maybe, an actual flight on a real plane!

To create the Flight Unlimited's world, Looking Glass took high quality aerial photographs of landscapes to build a three-dimensional map by calculating height of each pixel. Next, they added features like detailed effects close to the ground, clouds, sun, hazing effects and more. With this new technology, Looking Glass brings you state-of-the-art pictures so real, you will feel like you are flying!

In Flight Unlimited, you will explore the scenery with six different aircrafts from the Bellanca Decathlon to the Sukhoi SU31, as well as the P51 and other aerobatic planes, from the Arizona Desert to the Colorado Mountains and Washington state. Twenty-five interactive lessons designed by Cecilia Aragon, member of the U.S. aerobatic team, are provided to walk the player from basic aircraft control to advanced stunts with both on-the-ground briefings and coached flying lessons. However, if you prefer competitive sport aviation, you can register for any competition that is equivalent to or below your current aerobatic level, and start your first airshow contest.

Looking Glass Technologies reinvented the meaning of flight with their creation: Flight Unlimited.

Main features are:


486-33Mhz or better,
Min 4Mb memory, DOS 5.0 or higher,
Hard drive with 10 Mb free,
VGA/SVGA 256 colors graphic card and monitor,
CD-ROM drive,
Joystick, mouse, rudder pedals, VR systems
Sound Blaster, Roland Sound Canvas, Gravis Ultrasound supported.


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