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Since the age of glory of Pinball Fantasy and Pinball Illusions, it seemed that 21st Century Entertainment had been plunged into some kind of lethargy. Even though Pinball World, Total 3-D Pinball and Absolute Pinball, had all a certain originality, the latest releases from the company lacked the addictive game play found in the previous games. With SlamTilt however, it is no longer true. The PC conversion of the Amiga game of the same name is simply one of the best pinball the company has ever released. After Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusions, SlamTilt is the third title from 21st Century Entertainment to enter into the pinball legend.

SlamTilt features dazzling graphics that will inevitably feast your eyes. Each table offers a complex design mixing ramps, lanes, ball-traps, flashing lights, lamps and an impressive number of targets, all inspired around a central theme. The first table, Mean Machines, goes to the exploration of the road mechanics' world. This fast-moving table has its elements taken from Formula One, Offroad and Rally racing, not forgetting dragsters and monster cars. With the second table called "The Pirate", SlamTilt will send you back at the time of the buccaneers where you can expect fierce battles, swordfights, and mutinies, and dig up well hidden treasures. The next table, "Ace of Space", will take you into a journey through space. Asteroids, alien attacks, space races and plenty of other challenging missions will await you in this frantic table. The last one, "Night of the Demon", brings the world of horror onto your screen with vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches and other night creatures haunting the table.

Besides the attractive graphics of SlamTilt, the number of modes included in each table is sure to keep you playing with the game again and again. One single table can count up to twelve different modes, which doesn't include the numerous other features such as skill shots, multi-bonuses, kickbacks, ramp combos, extra-balls, magna savers and lanesavers, which definitely makes SlamTilt the most complete pinball game ever. The various modes can be classified into three categories, namely shooting, multi-ball and video game. In the first, points are awarded when you manage to shoot at ball-traps, ramps, jet-bumpers or other targets that depend on which mode you are currently playing. Second by the number of modes contained in this category, multi-ball games are first when it comes to fun. With at least two modes of this kind per table and up to four for two of them, SlamTilt is a multi-ball galore in which you will loose yourself trying to track the balls. The panel above the screen in addition to be a place where scores and animations are displayed, also serves as a screen for fast video gaming action. There is at least one video game per table, the fourth table containing an extra one. The five games feature a total of over 3,000 frames of animation, with themes as different as a Formula One race, a knife throwing assault, a fly through six levels of the inner tunnels of a planet, a game where you need to kill werewolves and another, where your visual memory will be tested.

Regarding the display modes, SlamTilt is not in rest. In addition to the two SVGA modes (640x480 and 800x600), the auto-zoom option automatically switches to a VGA mode with vertical scrolling during the game, and return to the SVGA mode during multi-balls. If the auto-zoom option is turned off, the entire table will be visible on the screen with a minimal scrolling, but the size will be of course drastically reduced. For the best experience, I strongly recommend to use the 800x600 mode, with the auto-zoom feature turned on. The last graphic option you can choose in SlamTilt, is the size of the display panel between large or small, the only difference apart the size of scores and animation, being a slightly larger table's view with the small panel size.

If it is extremely fun playing with SlamTilt, the sounds and music of the game are also great to listen to. The seven audio CD tracks included in SlamTilt will only play during tables' presentation and while menus are displayed. During the game, they will be replaced by MOD files played by the sound card on your computer. However, while not as good as Pinball Illusions' soundtrack, the music in SlamTilt is quite entertaining, and provides players with the right mood for each track. For example, hard rock will accompany the "Mean Machines" table, while a creepy and eery tune will surround the "Night of the Demon" with a surreal atmosphere.


At last, a pinball game where I can find the same excitement than with a real pinball! SlamTilt's addictive and adrenaline pumping game play will make it number one in your games buying list. Possibly the pinball game of the year.

Written by Frederick Claude

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System Requirements:

Pentium 75Mhz or faster processor,
Min 8Mb memory,
Windows 95,
Hard disk drive with 18Mb free,
Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster,
256-color SVGA video graphic card,
Keyboard only,
All popular Windows 95 compatible 16-bit sound cards.


Liquid Dezign.


In North America:

21st Century Entertainment,
P.O. BOX 415,
Webster, NY 14580.

Technical Support:716-872-1200
Fax Support:716-872-1675

Web site: 21st Century Entertainment
Email address: 21st Century Entertainment

In Europe:

In UK:

21st Century Entertainment Ltd.,
Westbrook St,
Blewbury, Oxfordshire, OX11 9QB

Technical Support:+44-(0)1235-851533 Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm GMT
Fax Support:+44-(0)1235-851473
BBS Support:+44-(0)1235-851474

Email address: 21st Century Entertainment UK

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