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Maxis will release a new title to the Sim series this year called "Sim Isle" developed by London based Intelligent Games. Featuring a 3D textured map with an isometric view,"Sim Isle" puts you in charge to manage a valuable global resource. The land covering an entire island stretches from the coastal plains through the rainforests to the high mountains.

In "Sim Isle", you can strike a balance between making your fortune and preserving ecology. You might want to develop a tourist resort and make high profits or protect the rainforest with wildlife species and maintain a lifestyle of the tribesman. Or, you can even choose a happy medium.

Video footage (provided by CNN), photographs and sound effects will bring you inside the rainforest at the heart of the simulation.

A network of agents of varying expertise will help you on several missions: cleaning up after an oil spill, rebuilding after an earthquake, fighting ivory hunters, building a tourist industry, etc... Your selection will be important because you will have to fight various opponents like drug producers, international businessmen, etc...

The game will be produced on CD-ROM only and should be available around mid-95.

Update: Read the review of Sim Isle as the game is now out.


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