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Hunting for a race car game that suits the youngest of the gamers in your family? Apogee Software's Wacky Wheels is exactly what you are looking for!

Imagine different animals from the zoo riding go-carts, making hilarious facial expressions, and racing against each other, that's Wacky Wheels! A 3D racing game with 21 original race tracks, 3 classes of tracks (bronze, silver and gold), and two racing speeds (normal and radical).

There are five methods to play Wacky Wheels all selected from the main menu. The first method, Single Player Racing, allows the player to race against seven other opponents. Selecting a difficulty level ranging from Kid Mode to Champion Class, the number of laps (six, eight or ten), horsepower (12 or 6), and the type of track. The second method, Two Player Racing, allows head-to-head racing with a modem or serial link between two computers or simply two players on the same computer in split screen mode. Players can use joysticks, the Gravis GamePad, or the keyboard for control of their carts. They keyboard option allows the player to configure any key for control during the game. The third method, Two Player Shoot Out, allows for two players to try and blow each other up without any interference from the other animals in a Shoot Out zone which the player selects. The fourth method, Wacky Duck Shoot, is similar to the two player shoot out, except that you can only play with one player and the target has now become ducks. This provides for good target practice which is limited to two minutes. The last method of play, Comm-Bat, can only be played over a modem or serial cable and provides little beasts for targets.

On the road surface you will discover different hedgehogs which can be used to shoot at your opponents. Just run them over to pick them up and then shoot. Other objects which can be found on the tracks are: match box which fires a deadly triple fireball in all directions (great in a shoot out zone), a bomb which destroys a player, an oil can to form an oil slick, devil pups which will move left and right on a track creating hazards, and an upside down hog which when dropped on the track becomes a dead hog and the unfortunate player to hit it will find their screen being turned upside down. Some tracks have water traps which when driven into, shows the player down and causes them to sink.

During Head-to-Head racing, players may use a feature called RemoteRidicule. This feature allows players to send each other little messages such as learn to drive, prepare to die, no way buddy, etc. These messages are sent with little devilish characters holding onto the sign carrying your message. Message are preprogrammed on keys 1 to 6 for player one, and keys F1 to F6 for player two.


The game itself is easy to install and has average VGA graphics. Surrounding details are weak which allows the game to be played on 386 with only 2 megs of memory. There is an upgraded version which brings you an additional 21 bonus tracks to race on. It is fun to play and does create a challenge, but I wouldn't recommend the game to the older crowd. I feel the game is great for kids under the age of 12, and older than that, it's up to them to decide.

System Requirements:

386 DX-33 MHz or higher, 486 DX-33 or higher recommended
Memory - 565Kb free,
MS-DOS 5.0 or later,
Hard drive required,
Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster,
256-color VGA video graphic card (for VGA version),
Microsoft mouse and 100% compatibles, or PC GAMEGUN.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster and 100% compatibles.


Beavis-Soft Inc.


In North America:


Apogee Software Ltd.,
P.O. BOX 496389,
Garland, TX 75049-6389

Technical Support: 1-214-278-5655
Fax Support: 1-214-278-4670


FormGen Inc.,
7641 E. Gray Rd.,
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 75%
Music: 80%
Gameplay: 86%
Interest: 80%

Overall: 81%

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