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Many technical advancements were realized by the developers at Trilobyte to provide the public with a revolutionary game that will remain in the history books as the first TRUE INTERACTIVE CD-ROM game.

The new features of this sequel are quite unbelievable with amazing animations at 30 frames per second with a resolution of 640 x 320. Compared to merely 15 frames per second of the other games including "The 7th Guest", it is like nothing ever experienced before, and you might slip off your chair when you see it for the first time! The live-video is not framed in ridiculous small boxes like Video for Windows or Quicktime animations, but are in full screen. Simply imagine your monitor as a television!

On the two CD's of the game, Trilobyte managed to compress over 134 Gigabytes with 200,000 video frames that represent over 65 minutes of live-video, 22 KHz 16 bit-stereo sound samples and real instrument sounds used instead of the obsolete FM technology.

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The compression technology used in The 11th Hour is not only incredible and efficient, but also brings new approaches to animations. For instance, the compression method works in a way that hides from the human eye the steps used to add new pieces of the image to the frame. This process allows the animations to look real, not like most of the other computer generated movements.

The 11th Hour has been the most awaited game this year, but the wait will be well worth it!

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