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For months, X-COM (in North America) and UFO (in Europe) changed thousands of people's priorities. People no longer say "I will do it right after this TV show or even after my golf game". Now, they simply say "I promise I will do it right after having played X-COM". Unfortunately, they never get a chance to do it because they will play this tremendously addicting game forever!

Why is that? Well, nobody knows exactly, but I am sure that tracking aliens all over the world with a squad resembling Rambo is the essential key for the success of this game. Plus, if you add excellent graphics, strategy, and management resources, you end up with one of the best games ever released!

Now, you may be asking yourself, why am I talking about X-COM when everybody is already playing the game?

Well, it is simply to announce that "X-COM: UFO TERROR FROM THE DEEP" will be released next April. What? X-COM 2 the sequel? YES!!

The Plot

X-COM 2 takes place when their brothers' cosmic emissions start the re-animation cycle of the aliens from the depths. Sixty-five million years ago, the colonization ship T'Leth crashed on Earth and the emergency systems initiated the suspended animation for the aliens on board. The alien's home world, however, never received a distress call. For ages, the computers tried to awake small groups of aliens to attempt a colonization, but failed. As gold is the base metal in the hyper-alloy Zrbite, aliens have been sinking ships for centuries to recover the precious metal.

With the energy bursts launched on earth by their brothers, the computers are now fully operational and have begun a systematic awakening of the aliens. Earth is in danger and your mission will be to eradicate the alien invasion.

What is new?

As you understood, X-COM 2 is set in the marine world of oceans and will feature new effects like the coloration given to objects by water. X-COM 2 brings new alien life forms with their technology, weaponry, and new missions both on the surface and underwater. For example, on the surface you will visit islands, ships, cities and ports, and underwater, you will go in coral constructions, sunken ship wrecks, alien bases, etc... The number of tactical sites has been doubled and the animation level has been increased by ten times. Effort was made for a new audio system that creates an out-of-this-world atmosphere and brings the player into an alien world with nightmarish creatures all around.

The online encyclopedia present in the first episode shows the new creatures and the mutation technology in a more structured manner.

Aliens's strategy is divided into two different parts. The first part can be resumed by setting up various strategic locations around the globe to control the seas. The second will be to recover the necessary artifacts to regenerate the core of T'leth and awake the ultimate alien, the Great Dreamer.

In this game, you will have to fight with new technologies that fit into the marine environment: specific weapons, submarines and floating bases. During the game, you will recover advanced alien technology that will give you the means to battle these sea creatures.

So, now that you are aware of this new jewel called "UFO TERROR FROM THE DEEP", do not miss it!

Update: The game is now available and you can read our review and view the screenshots.


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