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"Psycho Pinball" is the most-awaited title from Codemasters this year, and it is really worth waiting for. I just finished playing with a preview version that contains only one of the tables, and I can assure you that this pinball is one of the best ever designed for a computer. I have been playing with pinball games for years. I started off with the "Pinball Construction Set" on the Commodore 64, then on to the PC with games from Epic Megagames, 21st Century Entertainment's "Pinball Dreams" and "Pinball Fantasies" (one of my favorites), and other windows-based pinball games from StarPlay and Amtex. So a person could say that I am a pinball fan, which is just great when you have to preview or review such games, especially when you love playing them!

"Psycho Pinball" is really an excellent game and brought me a lot of fun and sweat! I enjoyed myself so much testing it that my left-shift button is almost broken (I should ask Codemasters to replace it, but I can not do that as they have provided me with such a nice game).

The game features four theme-packed tables, a three ball multiball, a realistic tilt and progressive game play targets with rewards. The tables's names are Fun Fair, Trick or Treat, Wild West and The Abyss.

"Psycho Pinball" can play from one to four players on each table, and there are several panel games (with a total of 10). Also included are twelve different surface types of varying friction like rubber and metal, over 200 sound effects, three difficulty levels with five speed options from Fogey to Psycho, and an unbelievable inter-table animation of 20 frames per second.

You really have to see it yourself to believe it!


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