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After many delays, "Novalogic" finally released their first tank simulation with their proprietary Voxel Space(tm) technology previously used in "Comanche"(tm). Most of the other tank simulations do not feature a realistic terrain representation and therefore, "Armored Fist" establishes a new landmark in this genre by its graphics.

The game starts with an opening sequence that features outstanding animations all created by the famous 3D Studio (tm). Several options are offered to the player in the first menu. After selecting a player, you will have to choose between the campaign and the battle modes. The campaign is a series of battles where the overall outcome depends on the success of each of your missions. If you are a novice, the battle's choice will provide you with less difficulty before you attempt to complete a campaign.

Training missions are also available in the campaigns to walk the player from easy missions to more challenging encounters with the enemy. Another difference between the campaigns and the battles is the number of tanks you will command in your task force. Up to four platoons of four tanks can be controlled by you in the campaign mode, while there are only stand-alone tank missions available in the battle mode.

You will also have to choose sides between the western and eastern sides. Depending on your choice, you will control M1A2 and Braham M3 tanks or T-80 and BMP2 tanks on the other side. Tank's controls will change depending on which kind of tank you have chosen.

In the game, two different views are available: the internal view and the external view. The only difference between them is that the external view provides a larger display of the battlefield with less control instruments in the viewer.

The Command and Control Vehicle (CCV) is a strategic map of the area with many menus, controls and displays. Two different modes are available, the CCV and the Edit mode.

The CCV lets you change the mission parameters for your side, while the Edit mode will allow you to customize them for both sides. In the CCV, you will be able to change the way-points for your platoons, accelerate time, zoom in or out of the strategic map, switch from one platoon to another, etc... The display will show you enemy units, targets, mine fields and your own units.

The Edit mode can be considered as a mission builder where you will create your own battles. Many options allow you to change the type of terrain, set the way-points for enemies, select the mission's goals, place artillery and air bases, mines fields, vehicles and even trees.

"Armored Fist" offers many other features such as the smoke obscuration which can be caused either by smoke grenades or engine smoke. Both will create a dark cloud that might hide your vehicle during the night, but that makes it more visible during the day. There is also a night vision that can be magnified up to ten times, and the weapons featured will depend on the type of tank.

When you fail to complete a battle, superb animations will be displayed (with the CD-ROM version) and like me, you will be astonished by their realism.


"Armored Fist", like "Comanche"(tm) in the past, will remain for a long time to come, a reference in the armored warfare simulations.

System Requirements:

386 DX-33 MHz or better,
Min 4 MB memory,
MS-DOS 3.3 or later,
Hard drive required,
Single speed CD-ROM drive (150 Kb/s) or faster,
VGA 256 color graphic card and monitor,
Microsoft Mouse or 100% compatible,
Thrustmaster Flight Control, Thrustmaster Weapons Control System, CH FlightStick, CH FlightStick Pro and standard joysticks supported, Sound Blaster, AdLib and Roland sound cards supported.

Ratings and Developer:

                                    Novalogic Ltd.,
 GRAPHICS ------------------ 91%    United House, North Road,
 SOUND    ------------------ 90%    London N7 9DP, England.
 MUSIC    ------------------ 90%    Tel: +44-(0)71-607-9707
 GAMEPLAY ------------------ 90% 
 INTEREST ------------------ 92%    Novalogic Inc.,
                                    26010 Mureau Road, Suite 200,
                                    Calabasas, CA 91302.
 OVERALL  ------------------ 91%    Tel: 818-880-1997


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