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Meet Klawd, a street-wise, smooth talking alley cat that's quick on his paws. His day to day routine for the last six months consisted of delivering packages for a dollar without any knowledge of what they contained. Because he never asked any questions about the packages he carried, he was considered to be a good courier for the Crocodillo Mob. Little did he know that he was carrying boxes of counterfeit bills worth much more than a dollar.

One day Klawd stumbled as he was jumping a fence with a delivery package in his hands. The package opened and Klawd, spotting the money, decided to snatch a few bills thinking that nobody would notice. Admiring the weapons through the window of the Gun-Ho store, he said to himself, "What's a cat without a catapult, that catapult. A guy just can't say no when he's got the dough". Klawd goes into the store to buy his new weapon. Inside the Gun-Ho store shopping for a new weapon was Firo. Firo is an ape that is six feet tall and loves the law, which explains why he's a cop. One thing that Firo loves more than the law is guns, and he considers them great law enforcement utilities. When he goes over to the counter to pay for his new weapon, the clerk hands him over some counterfeit bills. Having an eye for these bills, Firo grabs the clerk by the neck to accuse him of a crime. The clerk begs for his life by yelling that the cat just handed him those bills. Firo then goes after Klawd to nab him for possession of counterfeit bills.

The Mob, having discovered that Klawd had taken some of the money, had decided to get rid of him. They came zipping around the corner shooting everything they had at both Klawd and Firo. Klawd tried to explain to Firo that he didn't know what was going on, but Firo brought him in anyhow. Inside the station we hear Firo being yelled at by his boss because of all the damages that seems to follow him wherever he goes. He then goes to get Klawd and they are off to hunt down the Mob with Klawd acting like his deputy.

The above five minute introduction of "Firo and Klawd" is displayed with full screen 3D rendered graphics. Characters are very cartoon-like and move with a small jerky motion probably due to a lack of frames. The game moves on to allow you to choose to play as either Firo or Klawd. Each character has their advantages and disadvantages depending on the different situations you will face. During game play you will be able to switch from one character to the other by just pressing a button (unless you are playing the two player mode where each player can only control their character).

Eight worlds are at your disposition to be explored with multiple different endings. Some of the locations you'll get to see while touring "New Yak City" include the scrap yard, subway, central park, building site, docks, warehouse, and a chemical plant. Your goal is to simply shoot and kill everything that moves, except for your partner as you play the game with an isometric perspective.

Your character comes with a basic weapon that can be fired as often as you like. Other weapons that you can pick up along the way are grenades, three-way fire, machine gun, high-power ammunition, chain-gun, ricochet bullets, rockets, and homing missiles. Accurate shooting instead of aimless firing is important if you want to gather up some high scores as points are given for accuracy. It will also help you to conserve your limited special weapons making you more effective. Bullet-proof jackets, first aid kits, and extra lives are also hidden in various places that will assist in your fight against crime.

The Mob has placed posters all over the city of both Firo and Klawd so that there would be no confusion as to who they are. Pull down the posters, and for every 10 you crumple up, you'll gain an extra life. Wherever you go, watch your step as to not set off one of the green explosive mines that are scattered about.

At the end of each level, points will be awarded according to your shooting accuracy, number of kills, number of posters taken down, and for certain bonuses. Sometimes when you have completed a level, a mini-game will appear where you shoot with a view seen from the eyes of your character. A cross-hair will be displayed on the screen to show you where you are aiming your weapon. Survive the attack and gain an extra life, or be defeated and lose a life. If it's your last life, your game will come to an end.

On screen information during game play includes your score, current weapon (you can switch between weapons with a button), number of grenades, number of three-ways left, total posters taken down, and quantity of lives left, along with your health bar of strength. There are more than 15 different types of bad guys to be fought out on the streets. Many of them are dogs with a few cats, pigs and walruses. Their names range from Ralph, Huggy, Tusker McLain and Ricardo. Most of them are armed and dangerous and will shoot at you only once you are a certain distance from them so you shouldn't just go running into new areas without being cautious.

The graphics are fairly well done, but are not striking and look slightly better on the Sony PlayStation then they do on the PC version. However, the PC version will move your character quicker on a fast computer system, but not that much faster for it to affect the game play immensely.

The music is a mixture of rap and dance music that is very repetitive. Luckily the sounds of your weapons, explosions and characters yelling will help put the music in the background so that you can concentrate on playing. Your character will let out little comments here and there such as "I'm worth more than that", when pulling down a WANTED posted of himself. Much dog barking and whimpering can be heard as you make your way through the different screens shooting everything that moves.


Firo & Klawd is an enjoyable shot'em up game, but not more than that. With three difficulty levels and many different paths and endings, the game will last for quite some time.

Written by Trevor Bennicke

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PC Ratings:


PSX Ratings:

Overall: ***1/2

System Requirements:

IBM-PC 486 DX/33 Mhz or faster processor,
Min 8Mb memory,
DOS 5.0, Windows 95, or Windows 3.1 (or later),
Hard drive required with 6.7Mb free,
Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster,
256-color SVGA video graphic card.
Most popular sound cards supported.


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