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You like fishing, but you are also aware of the fact that it is cold out there in the swamp... so, what do you do? You go out and get Trophy Bass by Sierra! Trophy Bass is another one of those great Sierra games that is a result of many hours of hard work. I would have never imagined that fishing could be so much fun. You can experience the real sensation of fishing just by looking at your PC screen and, of course, playing Trophy Bass.

The unique thing about the game is that, it does not have a manual, except for the installation guide! I mean a concrete manual that you can hold with your two hands, but it has a built in manual that you can refer to as you commence the game. As you start the game you see the three options that are vital for the game: (1) Go fishing, (2) How to, and (3) Preview.

At the main menu the first button that you should click on is not "Go fishing," but instead "Preview" which will introduce the game and essential concepts. After clicking on this button all you have to do is to sit back and indulge yourself. The sound of a beatiful woman teaches you almost everything you'll need to know about the game.

I said almost because the other part is explained in the "How to" section which should be the second button that you click on after reading and listening to the "Preview" section. "How to" is aimed towards professional bass fishing; it gives you useful information about where to find the fish and how to catch them. The main categories under "How to" are: finding fish, the strike, tackle and patterns. All these parts also have subparts. An example would be the options that you have under finding fish. If you click on finding fish, then you get options related to weather, water, seasons and structures. After making your selection, you get a screen with text and a photo of a professional fisherman who has probably written the comment. If you read all this text and combine it with real talent, then you can become a real bass fisherman!

The final option in the main menu is "Go fishing." This is the ultimate button which gives you the opportunity to go out and catch some bass. You have two main ways to get to the lake, and they are by fishing in a lake or joining a tournament. I went fishing via the "fish a lake" option because it is easier. When you choose "fish a lake", then you are all alone in the lake (without anyone to bother you!). You can move your boat through the impervious deep/shallow waters. The discretion that you have disparate because you can fish anywhere you want on the lake. You just click on the round navigation button to see a screen where with your little red boat floating around the lake. You can change your location by moving the boat or you can just click on a button to immediately move to a particular place. I prefer controlling my boat and taking it to the fishing spot by myself because I can hear the sound of the small engine (putt, putt, putt)! When you feel like you are in the correct location, just click on the "go fishing" button and you will go back to the original fishing screen.

Let's talk about the real screen on which you catch some fish. Your two main concerns should be the rod and the lure. Actually, the whole issue of fishing is based on these two factors. Choosing the right lure that will cause the bass to strike and secondly choosing the right rod which will be the right size to carry the fish. If the rod is big then the fish will not strike; if the rod is small, then the the string will snap. In order to solve these problems, you have to practice and read the comments of other professional fishermen that are provided in the "how to" section.

After reading all this, you might have some questions in mind, related to bass. What is a bass anyway? Well, as far as I have understood, bass is a small fish which grows up to be a huge fish. It mainly prefers hot waters; the best time to get these fish is in the morning and in the afternoon. In cold temperatures they can be found in deep waters. The best place to find a big bass is probably under some water plant which will hide it from direct vision. These fish are very belligerent and they enjoy fighting, even if the the enemy is bigger than they are.

The sounds and graphics are really great because they are mainly not drawings which makes it very realistic. You can hear everything that can be heard in a swampy area or in the middle of the lake. You hear the glup sound of the water, the fish fighting to escape, the flies flying around, frogs, etc. You see everything from above; the lake, the boat and the swimming fish.


Trophy Bass by Sierra is a fabulous game in which you go out and catch bass. You can even make a career by catching bass (in the game, of course!). The setting and sound are really great and it is as good as catching fish by really going to a lake (maybe even better!) I recommend it to everyone who enjoys fishing on a cool May morning!

System Requirements:

486 DX-66 MHz or higher,
Min 8Mb memory,
Windows 3.1 or Windows 95,
Hard drive required,
Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster,
SVGA video graphic card,
Microsoft mouse and 100% compatibles.

Windows compatible sound cards supported.


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Graphics: 87%
Sound: 85%
Music: 80%
Gameplay: 86%
Interest: 80%

Overall: 84%


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