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DATE: Delayed, May never be released

From the category of games entitled today the God-games, some titles became famous hits in the past like Populous and the Settlers. As Gametek also wants its part of in the success, the company will release during the second quarter of this year a new game for this category called "Baldies".

Your goal will be to conduct the tribe of Baldies so that they can make their way through several different worlds such as the jungle, the medieval world or the Egyptian era. A total of over 100 worlds will be included in Baldies offering a wide choice of theme worlds to the player.

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According the level of difficulty you will choose, up to six other tribes will be controlled by the computer with the same will for domination as you. This will generate conflicts, as you can imagine, but before starting a war, you will need the necessary tools to build your weapons.

Among the population of Baldies are workers, soldiers, scientists and even giants. They all have their own life waiting for you to give them orders. Basically, Baldies is a game where inventions are the key to your success. You will need to breed, to collect, etc.. before you can invent Helicopters or build houses for your tribes. Evolution will progress according your inventions and you will go to the next world, only when you dispose of the enemy tribes.

The game play, although it involves a lot of strategy, uses arcade-style graphics and animations for the characters on screen. Just take a look at the screen shots to see what I mean.

Baldies seems very good and if everything is like the company says, it will be a serious hit.

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