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KKND is an excellent game. Probably a little too good. I have to admit that I've lost at least a few days of my life playing this game and I had no idea, at the time, that it was happening. That, in my humble opinion, is the sign of a very good game. Completely absorbing and very, very addictive. A lethal combination for any unsuspecting gamer.

Leave it to the Australians to combine a "Mad Max" type world with one of the best combat game engines I've ever seen in the real-time strategy games arena. Set in a post-nuclear world with lots of deserts, ruined cities and towns, two rival factions, the Survivors (who lived underground for a little too long...) and the Evolved (just barely) have both decided to take over the surface. It's up to you to pick sides and see how far you can get in leveling the other guys. Total destruction has never been more fun!

The storyline goes something like: Some nut decided that a nuclear war might be a good idea at the time and sooner than you could want, everyone was toast - extra well done. Well, just about everyone as a few smarties popped underground at the first sign of trouble and became the "Survivors". Those left on the surface who managed to survive became the "Evolved". The Survivors stayed underground for 60 years, eating recycled food and biding their time. What they most needed were resources which could only be found on the surface. They have all the know-how to make whatever they need, but they have to find the raw materials to do that with first. The Evolved, on the other hand, without proper sun-block, soon began to mutate pretty badly. They also came up with the idea that science and politics were to blame for the state of the earth and they were pretty upset when the first Survivors poked their pale heads into the sunshine for the first time. The Evolved want to keep things simple and manageable and will do anything to make sure that happens. And so it goes. The biggest priority for both sides is to find oil to run the war machines. The one that finds the most oil will be in a much better position to "Krush" the other side.

The irreverent humor is what will probably hit you full in the face first. This game laughs at itself while taking itself perfectly serious. Look closely at the written text of the mission briefings for just one example. Then watch as a junior officer under your command, in the Survivors, admits that they're now under attack because they really weren't paying all that much attention. Then there's the manual. Flippant and funny, bordering on insulting (only to those insecure enough to take offense at everything... and you know who you are...).

Lots of stuff to play with in this one. As you go higher and complete more missions, you'll have even more to play with. The screen has a play area and a control panel on the right-hand side of the screen. The control panel will have buttons for Resources, Options, Information, Create Troops, Create Vehicles, Creat Building, Create Defensive Structure, Aircraft Menu, Create Bomber and Deploy Airstrike. Again, most of these things will not be active in the early missions, this to get the player used to moving men and fighting the enemy. It gets really interesting the further you go.

Controlling the action can be done entirely with the mouse. Keyboard commands have also been added for those who prefer having lots to remember and like more direct access to things. Scrolling the screen is done with the mouse, but a scout will have to go out to see what's out there before it can be seen.

KKND combines short film sequences with computer graphics, but only in the mission briefings before each mission. The graphics in this game are very detailed and very well rendered. The backgrounds are rich in color and details and blend very well with the action which is seamlessly animated. Once the men have their orders it's a treat to watch the action unfold. But don't watch too long as your men need to be told what to do all the time. If not they'll react to enemies that are close but won't be actively killing the enemy the way they should. Getting slaughtered isn't as much fun as watching the bad guys get it.

Sound effects and background music are well matched to the action. Battle sounds are only heard when the display is over the area of the battle, more or less, so as not to confuse with constant battle sounds. The background music is totally appropriate and soon blends in completely with the action.

KKND also features multi-player capabilities so that you can wage war against your friends, make alliances to crush a particularly pesky player and just wreak total havoc. Players can be linked via network, modem or null modem cable. Bear in mind that only on a network game will you actually be playing with more than one other person. Also keep in mind that each KKND CD supports only two players and that only a player with a CD can be the Server for any game. More players means more CD's for the game to operate properly and this even on a network game.


I would have to say that KKND is among the better productions to grace the software gaming shelves this year. Probably in the top 20 as far as I'm concerned. The gaming community could certainly use more quality productions like this one. Hats off to Melbourne House and all those who contributed to the project. Keep up the good work! (Can you tell that I just can't wait to see what they'll produce next?) I would have to put this on anyone's "Must Buy" list.

Written by Glenn Soucy

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System Requirements:

Pentium 75 Mhz or faster,
MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows 95,
Min 16MB memory,
Hard disk with 20MB free hard disk space (60MB for full install),
Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster,
SVGA display with 1 MB RAM (Linear frame buffer support recommended),
Microsoft compatible mouse and keyboard,
Most popular sound cards supported.


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