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Lemmings . . . more Lemmings . . . bigger Lemmings . . . and now 3D Lemmings! As it can be understood from the title, this is a sequel to the previous Lemming games. 3D Lemmings by Psygnosis is transforming these small, short-tailed, arctic rodents from two dimensions to three dimensions which makes it more fun and virtual to play.

Lemmings series is made up of games in which you take these little guys for a short journey and lead them through impervious paths. When they first came out, they were much smaller than they are today. They were hard to see and you had to watch the screen really carefully. Then different versions of the game came along (in which they were still small) from "All New World of Lemmings" to "Lemmings Tribe" with additional "Christmas Lemmings" each year. After these sequels, the only improvement that could be done was to make them 3D and now we have 3D Lemmings.

If you have played Lemmings before and liked it, I am sure that you will love this one. Even if you have not played Lemmings before, you can still take this opportunity to meet with Lemmings and if you finish all the levels then you can go back and play with the previous versions of Lemmings.

The game comes with different difficulty levels such as practice, fun (the easiest), tricky, taxing, and mayhem (the hardest). The practice option allows you to familiarize yourself with the 3D Lemmings using all the different objects and movements that can be employed during game play. All you have to do is choose a lemming and practice. In the game, you receive warnings about where to move (practice mode only). When you are done with all the different movements and objects, then you can start playing for real in the Fun Mode!

The moves that can be performed on the lemmings such as stomping, digging, etc. has not changed much. On the other hand, new options like turning right or left have been added because of the 3D environment.

I have also observed very important changes as a consequence of the 3D environment such as the camera views. You have a camera option on the screen and it helps you to change between four different views. The camera views are automatically saved as you move the position of the camera. You can fix it to different locations or you can use it as a tool to see the World of Lemmings, through the eyes of a Lemming. Yes, that is another one of these great options offered to us by 3D Lemmings. For example, if you choose camera view number 2 and then pick the eye vision of a particular Lemming, then the camera will show you the environment through the eyes of that Lemming that you have chosen and, of course, you can change the view at anytime in the game by clicking on another Lemming or changing the position of the camera. By fixing the camera to the eye of a Lemming, you can closely watch the exit area that they enter at the end of each game.

The graphics and sound of the game are both good. When I say sound, I mean the music that you hear during the game, I am pointing this out because I did not hear any sound effects (which does not bother me at all). The shortcoming of the music is that, it ends in the middle of the game and does not restart until you get to the next level.


From all the episodes of the series, 3D Lemmings is the game I had the most fun playing. Besides helping them to get to the exit, you can get the feeling of how it feels to be a Lemming. Seeing the surrounding world from the eyes of a Lemming is a whole new experience you definitively have to try. I recommend it to all Lemming lovers and others who do not know anything about these cute little guys. This is one of those challenging games in which you can have fun simultaneously. You have to be wise and punctual to get the Lemmings through that exit door!

System Requirements:

486 DX-33 MHz or higher,
Min 8 MB memory,
MS-DOS 5.0 or later,
Hard drive required,
Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster,
VGA graphic card, Mouse,
Sound Blaster Pro 16, AWE 32, Gravis UltraSound


Graphics : 82%
Sound : 85%
Music : 82%
Gameplay : 88%
Interest : 85%

Overall : 85%


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