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Discworld is an adventure game based on Terry Pratchett's best selling fantasy creations which have sold over 7 millions copies in eighteen languages worldwide. The gaming environment is at least 3 times bigger than any other adventure game with dialogues created by a professional comedy writer. As the game is on CD-ROM only, developers fully exploited the CD-quality speech with the help and the talents of some of Britain's best comedy actors. Eric Idle, from the famous Monthy Python team will give his voice to Rincewind, the inept wizard who is joined by Tony Robinson and Jon Pertwee.

The game features a full screen viewing mode without any panels and no verbs. If you want to talk to someone, just double click on the character and during the dialogues, you will have to choose an icon that represents your mood (funny, not so kind, interrogative or angry).

On the screen, there is also your luggage that follows you everywhere you go and a cursor with a star's shape. Movements are really easy. You move your cursor and click on the mouse where you want Rincewind, the wizard you are playing, to go. When you move your cursor all over the screen, it will indicate the name of the object or the character you find. If you want more information about any object, just right-click with the mouse. To do something with it, you will have to double-click. For your inventory, click on the luggage, and its contents will be displayed in a window that will allow you to pick up the items.

Discworld looks like a pretty good adventure game with brilliant graphics, a surreal humor and although no sounds were available in this preview version, it should be one of the major games of 1995.


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