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You take pleasure in beautiful graphics with fine textures and all in three dimensions? You also enjoy arcade games where you are in a superb space ship and you must destroy all sorts of wicked creatures while zig zaging more or less majestically in the air? But do you also enjoy adventure games where in order to stay in one piece one must have some flair? If you answered YES to these three questions, no need to search any longer, "CYBERIA" is what you need!

"CYBERIA" is effectively a savory mix of action and adventure which sends you, like all science fiction games worthy of this name, to the year 2027 on Earth to play the role of an above-the-law humanoid working towards a good cause. In effect, after various economic upheavals, the global sharing of power on Earth has been slightly modified: we find the good guys camp of the "Free World Alliance" which strives to conserve the power against a few dangerous coalitions ready to try anything to obtain it.

Why does the "FWA" need you? It is simple, as we have told you, you are a humanoid named Zak who has certain special powers linked to the glasses that you wear! They are called "BLADES" (Bi-optic Low Amplitude Displayed Energy System) and they permit you among other things to:

These functions, as expected, will be of great use during your quest, and can only be used by a well trained person, hence the reason you have been chosen! You also hardly have a choice to refuse the mission that the "FWA" is entrusting you with because they have accused you of betrayal and espionage. Your only other alternative is death.

Your mission will be the following: reach the operations base named RIG, run by a mercenary called Santos, and take possession of a TF-22 space vehicle which will permit you to reach the CYBERIA complex. Once inside the complex, it is your move, but you first need to reach it!

Interplay spent two years on the development of this game, and it was time well spent. The characters look particularly sharp and realistic. The scenery is fabulous, and the scenario places the player in atmosphere of suspense and anguish.

The game permits many possibilities regarding the story line, according to the actions set out upon the main character Zak, and you must not forget that the slightest wrong move will often cost you a life in CYBERIA.

Character control is accomplished with the keyboard when the game is in an adventure style and with the mouse or joystick when you enter into action and air combats.

On that subject, the only reproach that I have to say about this game is the insufficient maneuverability during arcade phases. In effect, we can deplore a lack of precision when we use the mouse or the joystick. Oh well, you can not win them all!

The player can choose the difficulty level out of three before starting his game, for both the arcade or the adventure (puzzles etc...) sections.


What more can be said. The music and the sound effects are also tremendously well done, rendering this game even more attractive. Therefore, once more, if you want to enjoy yourself, give CYBERIA a try and adopt it into your video game library!

System Requirements:

386 SX-25 MHz or better,
Min 4 MB memory,
MS-DOS 3.1 or later,
Hard drive required,
Single speed CD-ROM drive (150 Kb/s) or faster,
VGA 256 color graphic card and monitor,
Microsoft Mouse or 100% compatible and joysticks supported,
Sound Blaster and compatibles.

Ratings and Developers:

                                    Interplay Productions Ltd.
 GRAPHICS ------------------ 95%    71 Milton Park,                  
 SOUND    ------------------ 91%    Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4RR, England.
 MUSIC    ------------------ 91%    Tel: +44-(0)235-821-666
 GAMEPLAY ------------------ 86% 
 INTEREST ------------------ 90%    Interplay Productions Inc.
                                    17922 Fitch Avenue,
                                    Irvine, CA 92714.
 OVERALL  ------------------ 90%    Tel: 714-553-6655


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