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The latest soon-to-be-released game from Take 2 Interactive published by Gametek is called Bureau 13. The game is based on a popular pen and paper role playing game designed by Tri Tac Systems.

In "Bureau 13", you play the role of a highly classified team of government agents who identify and track all forms of supernatural and paranormal phenomena. As the head of your team, you will have to choose your three team members from the six available, each one possessing special skills and problem solving attitudes that give the game over 20 different possible outcomes.

Like their previous release, "Hell", "Bureau 13" features dazzling graphics with rendered player characters including, for example, a vampire, a mechwarrior and a witch. "Bureau 13" also features dozens of puzzles, combat sections that require imagination and clever thinking, a professional music score with lyrics, and more. The CD-ROM version contains fully spoken dialogues and cinematic sequences as well.

"Bureau 13" will mix graphic adventure and role-playing games to provide the player with an action-packed multimedia experience.

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