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Despite the simple graphics, "Micro Machines" is a game that captivates your attention for hours. The basic idea can be resumed in just a few words. At the top of a micro machine (race car, tank, helicopter, boat, buggy, etc... one inch in size), you will discover tracks (also miniature!) in the strangest places. From the kitchen table (still covered with leftovers from breakfast) to the children's sand box passing-by the pool table, the bathroom and many other things, Micro Machines will have you discover many different tracks, each one more difficult than the other. Different options are possible for a number of players. If you play alone against the computer, you will have to choose three opponents from the many candidates, each one with a very different look. If there are two of you, no problem, you can both play Micro Machines on the same computer. Each player having four lives, you will try to go as fast as you possibly can so that your adversary will be behind and lose one of his lives at the same time.

Using two computers, you can also play Micro Machines with a null modem cable or through a telephone connection using modems. This is the preferred option which is often the case in multi-player games.

The game benefits from an agreeable atmosphere of music and from the many sound effects (jumps, finishing line, etc...). The animation of the game was well produced and provides a realistic effect for skids and crashes (very frequent!).


Micro Machines is a small game in size but big on quality of gameplay and production. For the fans of the game, who have already finished all the tracks, Codemasters has already anticipated a sequel naturally called Micro Machines 2 which should be out some time in 1995!


386-25 Mhz or better,
Min 1Mb memory,
Hard drive with 1 Mb free (optional),
VGA 256 colors graphic card and monitor,
Mouse and joystick supported,
Sound Blaster 16 Basic/Pro Deluxe/16 ASP & compatibles, Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16/Studio 16 & compatibles.

                                   Codemasters Software Co. Ltd.
GRAPHICS------------------- 80%    Lower Farm House, Southam,
SOUND   ------------------- 80%    Warwickshire, CV33 0DL, England.
MUSIC   ------------------- 80%    Tel: +44-(0)926-814-132
GAMEPLAY------------------- 95%
INTEREST------------------- 85%

OVERALL ------------------- 85%


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