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Among all the upcoming games scheduled before this summer, there is one that you should definitely look for if you are into multi-player racing games. Published by Domark Software, "Big Red Racing" features over 15 unconventional vehicles ranging from excavators to inflatable motor boats, helicopters, dumper trucks and many others. Tracks are also not lacking with a total of 24 available based on six different types of landscapes. You will drive in various countries such as Australia, France, Chile, India, Mexico and also ride in the most unusual places that you can think of. Imagine how a race could be in the Mt Olympus valley on the red planet Mars or on the hot surface of Venus!

The graphics were entirely done in 3D, using textured polygons for both the vehicles and landscapes. The terrain isn't at all photo-realistic, but you can easily see on which type of surface you are driving. The advantage is an immediate, tremendous speed to serve as a near-arcade experience that rewards you with fun and thrills.

There are several views from which you can see the race, but I found the chasing view to be the best. The in-car view didn't permit me to see enough of what was lying in front of my car, which had for effect, a series of collisions with various obstacles. Fortunately, I turned down the damage option before the race, if not I would have be dead a long time ago. Every time you bump into a tree, barriers, rocks, another vehicle or simply fall into ravines, your car will suffer damages, and the greater the shock is, the more damage your car will suffer.

If you are alone, you can play a single race against computer opponents or start a tournament. You also have the alternative of playing with a friend using a modem, a serial-link or the same computer with a split-screen. For lucky gamers who can use a network, the program supports up to six players simultaneously.

Finally, "Big Red Racing" can be used with DOS and Windows 95, and will feature in the final version a MTV style CD soundtrack to rock the action. In addition, the game includes hilarious commentaries and excellent sound effects that are truly the cherry on the cake.

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