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Indubitably, all failings and curiosities are terribly evil! Perhaps that is what Boris Verne, the hero of this story, may believe after having been transported to another dimension by his eccentric uncle's virtual dimension inducer! Meanwhile, you can join him (and most importantly...help him) in this great adventure through the crazy world of Universe. You will be sent to the year 204051 through an "infinitesimally thin cosmic string" (an elongated pocket of primordial anti-space!), where you will encounter weird alien worlds and their even weirder inhabitants!

As you may or may not know, Universe is a point-and-click graphic adventure game and a very highly developed one at that! In adventure games like "Space Quest 5" from Sierra, only a few icons are at your disposal for playing; in "Universe", the possibilities are far more extensive. For example, in addition to icons like "pick up", "look", "talk", etc...you may also "attack" (for dispersing aggression), "combine" (allowing the creation of new objects), "throw", "insert", "jump", "wear", etc...

On the one hand, these icons will naturaly improve your freedom of action, but on the other hand, they will increase the game's difficulty too! Faced with any kind of situation, you will realize how difficult it is to choose between all these differents options.

Fortunately, after you have tried to make Boris perform an action, the game will inform you of the outcome by changing the mouse pointer to either a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down". It is also an indication of whether an action is possible or not (which is, of course, very helpful!). However, you will need more than imagination for real sucess in this futuristic quest, which will take you through more than twenty surprising planets.


Beginners beware, you might soon find yourself constantly stuck in the same place, I therefore recommend this game to more experienced adventure gamers! If you want to give it a whirl all the same, do not dismay... go ahead and play!

Follow this rotoscoped game character thorugh over 500 frames of real-time scale animation and lush, 256-colors hand-painted scenes. You will just have to wait until the next "Coming Soon Magazine" to get the complete solution for this game.

There are no differences between the CD and the floppy version, but you can play the game directly from the CD-ROM without installing the game on your hard disk.


386SX-16 Mhz or better,
Min 570 Kb free, 2 MB EMS or XMS memory,
MS-DOS 5.0,
Hard drive,
CD-ROM drive for the CD-ROM version,
VGA 256 colors graphic card and monitor,
Microsoft or 100% compatible mouse,
Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, Roland sound cards supported.

Ratings & Publisher:

                           Core Design Ltd.
     GRAPHICS 78%          55 Ashbourne Road,                     
     SOUND    65%          Derby DE22 3FS, England.                
     MUSIC    65%          Tel: +44-(0)332-297-797                
     GAMEPLAY 70%                                           
     INTEREST 80%                                       
     OVERALL  73%


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