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Addiction from Team 17 is set to place itself firmly at the top of the all formats pinball game pyramid.

Featuring exquisite graphics rendered using an SGI/Alias graphic workstation, screen resolutions up to 1024*765 in more than 64000 colours, Addiction is a stunningly beautiful aesthetic triumph of graphic technology.

But it doesn't stop there...

Painstaking extensive research involving the study of the most critically acclaimed modern tables ensures that the ball dynamics are ultra realistic and complement the design of the tables. The ball accurately reflects its surroundings adding to the immersive quality of playing in a real world environment. Impulse, inertia, acceleration, momentum, all of these real world physical qualities fool the player into thinking the ball is real.

Coupled with original table themes based on hit Team 17 games , all tables will sport LED displayed sub-games, transparent ramps, moving features, multi-balls and wild sound effects. Everything you would expect of the real thing.

Beyond a shadow of an SGI rendered doubt, Addiction is the most realistic true-to-life pinball simulation ever created in the history of the universe, man, and most importantly, Yorkshire.


  • Three high quality ultra-realistic tables.
  • SGI/Alias rendered SVGA graphics in resolutions up to 1024*768 with 65,000 colours.
  • Variable detail levels allowing super-smooth frame rates even at the highest resolutions.
  • Atmospheric lighting/reflection/shadow effects.
  • Real-time 3D LED sub-games.
  • In game selectable viewing angles and display modes.
  • Multi-Ball mode with up to six balls in play at one time.
  • Amazingly accurate physics and ball dynamics.

    The Table Themes


    Humorous over the top action. Lead the Worms to world domination by battling it out with other worm platoons. Take on adversaries in Worm-Fu, duel with cowboy worms in the desert, blow up planets and watch out for the killer sheep on mars.


    Atmospheric, dark and moody - just like the original games. Battle your way through the spaceship and find the mother alien. Find ammo, weapons, rescue hostages, disable runaway reactors, play pong and slaughter some aliens and robots along the way.


    Cute Manga style graphics. Race your way to fame and glory. Try to finish each course in pole position and beat off all other competitors.

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