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This is THE GAME for you if you're a fan of flight simulation and airplane combat simulators. You can fly any kind of plane you want, even a Russian SU-33 or a American F-104 from a Aircraft Carrier. The game even includes an incorporated cheat menu for you cheat/trainer fanatics.

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You have the choice of all existing weapons: sidewinders, A-A missiles, A-G missiles, guns, everything that these planes can carry. You can take off from the ground or the carrier (only the landing will make your hands sweaty). You can configure your system for maximum performance, multiple texture levels for the ground, the sky and water; which mirror do you want an image and so on. The game also supports resolutions from standard VGA to 1024 x 768 to really bring the action up close and personal!!

Is there really anything new in this game? Yes! First of all you are the wing-leader. When you fly, you can give orders to up to two other friendly planes in your squadron. Command them to protect you, disengage from battle, tighten up their formation, etc... Another novelty is the possibility of creating a mission, with any element from any of the other missions that you like. You can choose the number of opponents, what they fly, their skill level, the weather, time of day, the wing size, etc...

If you think that you're a really deadly pilot you can choose things like the no-missile option (from the cheat menu) and engage the enemy one on three in a dog-fight. Good luck. We'llget in touch with your next of kin.

Of course all the usual features are also present: Multiple viewpoints from above, under, wingman, from the target back to you, tactical, and others. Many pre-made missions are included with the game which serve as a tutorial, and are very handy in learning to control your plane. The first one is take off, the second is a fog landing and the third is stall recovery. Help in combat or during the landings are given by radio communications. They are very clear, and easily understood. All the other typical technological help is also present; RADAR, the HUD, flares, chaff, etc... If you choose to do a full campaign (tour of duty), all the briefings, info, and reports will be accompanied with video and digitized speech (more than 40 minutes of it). That's the pleasure of the CD-ROM. Another aspect included in this CD is that all menu pictures are high definitions photos from aircraft found on a carrier. All data on aircraft, choppers, ships, tanks, armored vehicles, ground constructions, can be visualized either in pictures or in 3D. You can also view them from any angle.


Usually when I make a test on a game I tend to present the good things about it as well as the bad things, but this time I couldn't find any. This is really a GREAT game. I was completely hooked on it.


486 DX-33 MHz or better,
Min 8 MB memory,
MS-DOS 5.0 or later,
Hard drive required,
Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster,
SVGA 256 color graphic card and monitor,
Microsoft Mouse or 100% compatible,
Sound Blaster, Adlib, General Midi or 100% compatible sound cards.

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