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January/February 1998

* Dark Reign Expansion Delivers All New Campaigns and Units
* Activision Unleashes the New Interstate '76 Arsenal
* A Shot in the Arm for Myth: The Fallen Lords
* PC Graphic Adventures Enter A New Dimension with 3DFX
* GT Interactive and EAI to Create Technology-Driven 'Trans-AM Racing' Simulation
* Ripcord Games Signs Premier Title from Sculptured Studios
* World-Famous Computer Game Superstar Opening Leisure Suit Larry's Casino!
* The Station@Sony.Com Debuts First Subscription-Based Game -- Tanarus
* UBI Soft Announces Red Line Racer, A Motorcycle Racing Game for PC
* Interplay and Infogrames Enter into Joint Venture for Heart of Darkness
* Blood Spills as Red Asphalt Hits the Pavement

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* Interplay Releases 360 Degree AD&D Role-Playing Game
* Red Orb Entertainment and Presto Studios Announce the Story of Legacy of Time
* Raven Software's and Activision's Upcoming Hexen II Mission Pack
* Komami Brings Athletic Events of the Nagano 1998 Olympic Winter Games Home
* Microsoft Announces Monster Truck Madness 2 and Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition
* Urban Assault Web Site Launched
* "Sierra Sports" A Rebirth of a Legend
* Sony Interactive (SISA) Announces the First Official Tanarus Tournament!
* `Montezuma's Return!' Available in Online Demo January 30 at
* `World League Soccer to Be Released In May 1998 for PC and PlayStation

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