A Shot in the Arm for Myth: The Fallen Lords

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Updater to Version 1.1 released

Chicago, IL, January 14, 1998 -- An update for Bungie Software's five-star game Myth: The Fallen Lords is now final and available for download. Version 1.1 of the game adds numerous enhancements to the gameplay experience, and fixes a couple of problems that occurred on some systems.

One of the principal reasons for this update appearing so quickly is that many of the enhancements were communicated to the designers by players on bungie.net. Though instant communication is common these days, nothing beats the directness of chatting in real time with a game's developer immediately after playing a game. bungie.net affords an opportunity for a give and take not as easily come by through email.

Also, watching how the game was used by real players instead of beta testers made the designers aware of some unanticipated problems. One of these was the problem of players taking their scores too seriously and ruining the fun of games in an attempt to keep their records unblemished. The payoff for this kind of behavior is also curtailed by the patch.

Among the more notable enhancements:

  • Greater level of zoom-out for a more strategic view of the map.
  • Support for Voodoo Rush and Rendition 3D hardware.
  • Unranked rooms on bungie.net, where gamers can play for fun rather than a score, and single-player netgames for practice and experimentation.
  • Easier gesture-clicking.
  • Tweaked scoring for multiplayer games.
  • Even easier low-difficulty settings.
  • Various 3Dfx and TEN bug fixes.
  • An expansion of the number of rooms on bungie.net and capacity of each room to keep ahead of increasing load.

Altogether, these features will make the game more accessible to inexperienced gamers and more satisfying for the multiplayer veteran. To find a complete list of the features and download the update, surf to https://www.bungie.com or https://www.bungie.net.

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