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First RPG to use the award-winning Descent 3D Engine

Irvine, CA, January 15, 1998 -- Interplay Productions announced today the release of Descent to Undermountain, the newest AD&D title to hit retail shelves. Created for Windows '95 and MS-DOS based PC's, Descent to Undermountain is a 360 degree 3D role-playing adventure that features the Descent engine. Developed and published by Interplay, Descent to Undermountain is set in one of AD&D's most popular worlds, Forgotten Realms.

"We combined the best of role-playing and action," stated Reginald Arnedo, producer of the title. "Descent to Undermountain keeps the player immersed by blending real-time action with traditional role-playing experience."

Descent to Undermountain is the first RPG to use the fully modified Descent engine, allowing the player full 360 degree directional movement. It has stayed true to the AD&D system by permitting the player to develop their own character. A player can choose a character that is single or multi-class from any of the six races offered. This allows players to experience a true RPG.

This 360 degree polygon world dares the player to find the Sword of Lolth. In the stone belly of Undermountain below Waterdeep, the Sword of Lolth was stolen long ago. The player must find a way through riddled mazes of dragons and horrific monsters to find the Sword without succumbing to the evil horrors and dark magic of Descent to Undermountain.

The TSR licensed game offers more than 50 different monsters which challenge the players' skills. This subterranean adventure includes graphics that allow a player to see special light reflections and 3D polygon enemies in unrivaled detail, while the real time gameplay lets the player experience the adventure while it's happening. Included is an option for gameplay to be viewed simultaneously with the player's screen map, conquering the enemy never has to be interrupted. These qualities blend action along with a true role-playing experience.

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Founded in 1983, Interplay Productions is a leading developer and publisher of award-winning entertainment and educational software designed by gamers, for gamers. Interplay releases products through Interplay, Brainstorm, MacPlay, VR Sports and its affiliated labels for personal computers as well as leading console game platforms.

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