World League Soccer To Be Released In May 1998 for PC and PlayStation

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"The beauty of WLS is the fact that it doesn't feel like a game. It reflects the way in which a real team will build up movement. The solid calculating methodology of the defense, the incisive and instantaneous explosion of the midfield and the exquisite power of the forward. The flow is what makes football an art and not a science. That is what WLS encapsulates." Rob Palfreman WLS Producer

World League Soccer is the latest addition to Eidos Interactive's proud tradition of quality football titles. With this latest signing, Eidos's goal is simple - to produce the definitive football game.

The game combines fast-paced arcade action with immersive gameplay to take you into the next generation of football gaming. There are over 190 teams from ten different leagues covering all major soccer territories world wide.

Graphically the game will set new benchmarks. Top England International Les Ferdinand has supplied the motion capture information. WLS uses a new skeletal system which can utilise large amounts of fluid motion captured animation, this also gives the advantage of generating higher resolution players. UV texture mapping will greatly enhance the player's visual characteristics, enabling muscle tone, facial features and detailed kit design to be applied. The game will feature a simple, yet intuitive control method. This will be complemented by a whole range of original and innovative moves, more fluid animation and smoother player movement, for a realistic and entertaining football experience.

Technically advanced commentary will be provided by Channel 4 Italian Football's Peter Brackley and Ray Wilkins.


  • Motion captured animation by Les Ferdinand
  • Minimum 30 frames per second
  • Versatile `Skeleton' based animation system
  • SFX audio engine
  • Full in-game commentary by Peter Brackley & Ray Wilkins (C4 Italian Football)
  • Dynamic camera intelligence allowing smooth camera paths throughout the game
  • Save-game option available throughout entire game
  • Detailed replays available including off-sides
  • Weather effects, Rain, Wind, Thunder & Lightning. When raining puddles will appear on the pitch affecting gameplay and creating water-splash
  • Drone Players, computer AI will take control of a player while you move into a good position, you can then decide when he passes
  • Day or night time play
  • Real-time shadow calculation
  • Four player simultaneous play (PlayStation version) & network (PC version)
  • Waving corner flags & ultra realistic goal net movement
  • Support for Dolby Surround Sound
  • Support for analogue controllers
  • Animated crowds
  • All major 3D cards supported
  • Leagues include: England, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Scotland, America, Japan, Rest of the World
  • Modes of play include: International and Club - Leagues, Tournaments and Exhibitions

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