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Agent 5 Continues Time Travel Adventures in Third Installment of Popular Journeyman Project Series

Novato, CA, January 20, 1998 -- Red Orb Entertainment, the gaming division of Broderbund Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: BROD), today revealed storyline details to for Legacy of Time, the highly anticipated third installment in The Journeyman Project series. The PC/Mac adventure game, developed by Presto Studios and scheduled for release on 4 CD-ROMs in February 1998, puts players in the role of heroic Agent 5 Gage Blackwood, who must travel through time to solve a mystery and protect the survival of humanity.

"We're confident that Journeyman Project series fans, who last tested their wits in Buried in Time, will appreciate the engaging plot twists as the saga of Agent 5 continues," says Steve Schreck, producer of Legacy of Time, Red Orb Entertainment. "We believe that an adventure story that combines the amazing tales of the lost cities with a sci-fi twist will be highly appealing to both new players and fans of the series."

The Story

The year is 2329. As Agent 5, you've received a cryptic message from the rogue Agent 3, who tried to frame you for crimes you didn't commit in Buried In Time. Her warning coincides with the appearance of a menacing alien fleet approaching the borders of the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings, the galactic collective of races to which Earth belongs.

Against the orders of the governing Temporal Security Agency (TSA), you decide to apprehend Agent 3 by traveling through time in the Chameleon Jumpsuit, a device that allows you to assume a virtual disguise while interacting with people in the past. But tracking your old nemesis proves to be as tricky as ever: pieces of the temporal code that will reveal Agent 3's location -- and her astonishing discovery -- have been strategically hidden in three time zones.

Your exploration of each of these zones, which are being ravaged by both familiar and unfamiliar alien forces, confirms your belief in the fabled lost cities of Atlantis, El Dorado and Shangri-La, while imparting new significance about their demise. Upon returning home and realizing the link between these clues and the looming alien crisis in present day 2329, you resume your time travels to mysterious temples in each lost city. Your goal is to uncover "the Legacy," a legendary archive of high technology passed down from a master race. Legacy of Time challenges you to solve the puzzles and piece together clues before the impending destruction.

"By expanding the best elements of the first two Journeyman titles and adding new features, Legacy of Time truly 'ups the ante' in the adventure game category," said Michel Kripalani, president and CEO, Presto Studios. "Immersed in a mystery of epic proportions, players rely on their investigative skills through experiencing an intuitive interface with prerendered 3-D animation, live-action characters, realistic sound effects, and a 360 degree panoramic viewpoint."

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San Diego-based Presto Studios was founded in 1991 by a talented group of close friends determined to make an impact in the gaming industry. Presto is now a software development company known for its engaging photo-realistic games, including the Journeyman Project series of time travel adventures and Gundam 0079.

Red Orb Entertainment is a division of Broderbund Software, Inc. dedicated exclusively to the development of imaginative, high-quality entertainment software for a broad range of game enthusiasts. In addition to developing entertainment software within the Red Orb Entertainment studio, Red Orb Entertainment publishes entertainment software from several of the industry's leading entertainment software development companies.

Broderbund Software, Inc. develops, publishes and markets a broad line of interactive software for use in homes, schools and small businesses. Since its founding in 1980, Broderbund has pioneered innovative, award-winning products that take advantage of the latest technologies. Broderbund has a successful track record of identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends.

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