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Montezuma's Return!, the long-awaited realtime 3D sequel to the classic action/adventure Montezuma's Revenge, will be available in playable interactive SVGA and 3Dfx demos beginning the afternoon of January 30 at https://www.utopiatech.com and various gaming sites.

Featuring realtime immersive 3D graphics, full freedom of motion and an advanced physics engine, this first-person realtime 3D game from Utopia Technologies revolves around the efforts of modern adventurer Max Montezuma to retrieve the lost treasure of his legendary Aztec namesake. Gameplay is console-style with an emphasis on jumping, puzzle-solving and obstacle maneuvering.

The game was created with a proprietary new 3D engine called UVision that was under development for three years. Among the highlights: Max can look and move in every direction, and he has realtime 3D arms and legs that are used to solve puzzles, climb, jump, swim and fight, marking a major advance in gaming.

The game will support all 3Dfx cards as well as standard SVGA graphics boards. It also supports 65,000 colors and 800x600 resolution on a standard video card costing as little as $29. High-priced graphics cards are not needed. Graphics are groundbreaking. Multiple moving light sources, Phong shading and other technical features add dimension and depth; chrome mapping makes certain objects appear as if they are made of shiny metal. The physics engine makes movement more natural than ever before. Objects react and collide with each other in a remarkably realistic manner, taking into account slippery, sticky and bouncy surface attributes.

There are more than 50 hours of gameplay with hundreds of rooms to explore in Montezuma's temple, many of them containing objects like statues and various artifacts that must be manipulated to get where you're going. There are also humorous full motion videos depicting Max's witty attempts to defy death.

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Utopia has been developing games since the 1980's including Montezuma's Revenge, a 1984 top five title. The company has experienced tremendous success in the coin-op industry, most recently with two hit games Countertop Champion 1 and Countertop Champion 2.

Utopia is self funded by its founders and has its licensing office in Plano, Texas and east coast development studio in New Jersey. Utopia's UVision realtime 3D engine pushes the state of the art with its advanced lighting capabilities. Many different light types are supported, including point lights, spot lights, and both local and non-local planar lights. Because all lighting is dynamically computed, scripted lighting changes and moving lights sources are possible. Additionaly, the 3Dfx version fully supports colored lighting, allowing each light source to have a dynamically changing color.

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