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Papyrus, Front Page Development and Dynamix Consolidate Resources Under A Unified Brand Umbrella To Create A Market Share Leader In PC Sports Software

Bellevue, WA, January 28th, 1998 -- Sierra On-Line, Inc., the market share leader of interactive entertainment software, announced today the creation of Sierra Sports, a brand division of Cendant Software that brings together the product, talent, resources and prestigious histories of the most respected development names in interactive sports entertainment. All Cendant Software sports product, including titles formerly marketed under the Papyrus and Front Page Sports brand names, will be consolidated under the Sierra Sports umbrella.

Development studios Papyrus, Front Page Development and Dynamix will contribute product to the Sierra Sports line up. Each development studio will be clearly associated with their products, maintaining the heritage of each organization.

Papyrus has been making best selling auto racing simulations for many years and is far and away the industry leader in the category. Papyrus Design Group is the motor sports software development division of Sierra Sports. Developers of the most compelling software-based racing experiences possible, Papyrus' best-selling products include the NASCAR Racing and CART Racing lines. Winners of 4 Software Publishers Association CODIE awards, Papyrus has a ten-year reputation for superior use of physics and realism in their products.

Dynamix is universally recognized as the godfather of PC interactive sports for the Football Pro series, a state of the art sport simulation that paved the way for others in the industry. Dynamix also introduced the world to one of the best selling and most unique sport simulations to date with Trophy Bass. Dynamix will continue to contribute recreation and outdoor products to the Sierra Sports brand including golf, fishing, skiing and other titles.

Front Page Development is the newest development studio in the Sierra Sports family. After successfully assuming responsibility for continuing the Football Pro legacy in 1998, a talented group of developers from Sierra's Synergistic's division have adopted the legacy of Front Page Sports as their moniker. A fitting name for the group that will be developing all of Sierra Sports' team & stadium sports product.

Sierra Sports will distribute these products from Cendant Software's state-of-the-art 374,000 square-foot facility in Torrance, California. The development centers of Papyrus, Front Page Development and Dynamix continue to operate in their respective Boston, Washington and Oregon locations.

Sierra Sports Director of Marketing, Sean Gleason said, "Front Page Sports and Papyrus are two of the strongest brands in the PC sports entertainment industry. Bringing together the product and heritage of these independent brands will allow us to speak with one voice in the marketplace."

"This positions us well for the tremendous growth we foresee in the interactive sports entertainment genre. Consolidating Sierra Sports can better leverage product development and marketing initiatives while continuing to deliver the most diverse line up of high quality sports product to the consumer. We expect that our customers and industry partners will develop a new appreciation for our sports endeavors when the depth and quality of our offering is revealed under the unified Sierra Sports banner."

Sierra Sports offers a vast (and growing) range of interactive sports entertainment software from which to choose, from motor sports and outdoor sports, to alternative, extreme and team sports. Consumers are already familiar with titles such as: NASCAR Racing, CART Racing, Ski Racing, Trophy Bass 2, Trophy Rivers, Football Pro, Baseball Pro and Golf. These titles along with the 1998 product line-up combine to make a diverse catalog that appeals to a broader base of consumers than most in the industry. The combined resources positions Sierra Sports as the premier PC sports software group in the world. The scope of products give Sierra Sports a larger and more diverse consumer base to draw on for future growth by appealing to many lifestyles and consumer needs.

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Sierra Sports and Sierra On-Line, Inc. are part of Cendant Software, one of the largest PC consumer software groups in the world, and a leader in entertainment and educational software. Cendant Software consolidates the sales, manufacturing, finance, accounting and management of Cendant Corporation's software divisions, including Sierra On-Line, Inc., Knowledge Adventurer, Davidson & Associates, Inc. and Blizzard Entertainment. Cendant Corporation (NYSE: CD) is the result of the Dec. 17, 1997 merger between CUC International and HFS Incorporated, creating the world's largest business and consumer services company (based on market capitalization), with a focus on real estate, travel, membership and software.

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