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If you are looking to reach gamers, or people who own high performance computers, and come from all over the world, then Coming Soon Magazine is the place for your advertisement!

The Coming Soon Magazine reviews and previews games for the PC, Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation (PSX), and 3DO platforms. Hints are available for certain PC, Sega and PSX games, as well as a comprehensive list of links to computer game manufacturing companies that are on the World Wide Web. The magazine is updated on a regular basis providing new reviews, industry news & information, and demos.

"With computer game prices still in the mega-dollar zone, it's nice to know that
there are professionals out there testing the new games before we plunk down our cash."

-- Best of the Net, Top 2000 Sites, Whole Internet Catalog Select

Coming Soon Magazine was named a "Selected Site" by EyeOnTheWeb's Site Selection Team. Their selections are from among thousands of Websites, and are based on content, usability, and design.

The Coming Soon Magazine now has readers from over eighty countries around the world with the majority coming from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Advertising within the Coming Soon Magazine means that you will reach gamers from all over the world who are potential clientele for your products and services. You'll be able to show our readers what you have to offer, provide feedback via email, and even invite them to visit your own site on the World Wide Web.

Coming Soon Magazine advertisers may make banner changes anytime during our business hours and after seven days have passed since their banner was placed online within our magazine.

The banner image must be sent to as an email message along with the sponsor's name, starting and ending dates of the advertisement, and the URL (for linking purposes). This information must be received three days prior to the starting date.

For more information, our current rate card, and demographics, please contact:
Trevor via email.

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