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To select any level

At the title screen, enter the following codes:

B, A, B, Y, Down, Right, A, Left Button, Down

If you entered it correctly, you will hear Bug screaming at you.
Start a new game, and press Up and Left button to select your level.



Darius Gaiden New

For two new levels of difficulty

Press and hold X, and press Z, C, L, B, Left, R, L:

Two new skill settings will appear: Very Easy and Abnormal

For Auto rapid-fire mode

Press and hold B, and press Y, Right, Left, X, Z, L and R.

For nine credits

Press X, A, L, R, Left, then press and hold L, and press X, C, Z, A, Right, Right.

Digital Pinball New

To play the Hidden pinball table:

At the title screen, press:

X, Y, Z, X, Y, Z, C, B, A, Up, Up, Start

To access the debug menu, press:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, B, Z, R, Start.







Johnny Bazookatone

For unlimited lives

At the menu option, select Password and enter:


To select your level during the game

During the game, press:

Start, X





The Making of Myst

At the title screen, when you see "Press Start" press simultaneously: Left and Right Shift buttons on the first controller, and START and A buttons. "The Making of Myst" screen will then appear.


NHL All-Star Hockey

To edit the players

At the Main Menu screen, select Manage Rosters, then New Roster. Choose the Default Roster and pick up a name. When building up your player, hold down A, B, C, X, Y, Z and Up simultaneously. You will receive extra points for your players so that you have the perfect team.

Five new cheats

During the player introductions, press and hold X, Y, Z, L and R. Then, when the national anthem is playing, enter the following codes by pressing simulatenously:

Bouncing puck: X, Y and R
Centering puck: A and X
Upside-down players: A, Y and Z
Big players: L and R
Fat midgets: A and B






Sega Rally

Zoom during replay

During the replay, press simultaneously:

Down, Z and Left Shift buttons to zoom out

Down, Z and Right Shift buttons to zoom in.

Race as the Hidden Car

Press X, Y, X, Y, X at the mode-select screen.

Select Practice or Championship mode, then hold Down at the car-select screen.
Now, you can drive the hidden car!

Shinobi Legions New

Level Select:

Start and pause a game. Then press:

A, B, A, B, C

Two numbers will appear in the lower left part of the screen if the code worked

Street Fighter Alpha New

Hidden characters

To access the hidden characters, first hold the L and R buttons and move the cursor to the question mark, then:

For Akuma:
Move the gamepad back, back, back, down, down, down and press the X and Y buttons simultaneously.

For Bison:
Move the gamepad back, back, down, down, back, down, down and press the X and Y buttons simultaneously.

For Dan:
Press the following buttons as fast as you can: Y, X, A, B, Y.




Virtua Fighter 2

To play as Dural

At the Player Select screen, choose Akira. Press Down, Up, Right, then A and Left simultaneously.

If you want the two players to play with Dural, select Lion at the Player Select screen for Player 2 and press:

Down, Up, Left then A and Right simultaneously.





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