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Last updated June 11th, 1996

Since September 1993, twelve Coming Soon List were released on BBS's all around the world from the USA to Australia and from Spain to Sweden. The last edition was published in July 94 and since then, no other edition was available. However, while working on this new magazine, we remembered how popular the Coming Soon List was and we decided to continue the list with a few improvements and a brand new look as you will see below! We also choose to change its name to "New Release List" and keep the Coming Soon name for the magazine itself. I really hope that the old Coming Soon's fans will be happy to see we are back with a new look and a new formula.

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Note to our readers:

All the games listed below have the original name from the company who designed the game. If you find the symbol (*) after the title, it means the name will be changed when it will be distributed in Europe if it comes from the United States of America or the opposite.

Category Product
4Flight Simulation
5Other Simulation
7RPG (Role Playing Game)
11Screen Saver

Inside columns legend
N/AInformation Non Available Yet
95Designed for Windows 95

Columns legend
IICompany name
IVNetwork or modem support
VWindows 3.1 support
VISVGA support
VIINumber of CD's

Already released
1944: Across the RhineMicroProse 5NNY1
3D Lemmings Sony Interactive 2/3N/A NN1
3D Pinball: Outpost Sierra On-Line 3NYY1
Absolute Zero Domark Interactive 5/6NNY1
Aces of the Deep SVGA Sierra On-Line 5N95 Y1
Actua Soccer Gremlin Interactive8NNN1
Advanced Tactical FighterElectronic Arts4N/AN/AB1
Air Power: Battle for the SkiesMindscape 4NNY1
Alien Alliance Philips Media 5/6NNN/A 1
Aliens: A Comic Book AdventureMindscape 1/2NNY2
Allied General S.S.I. 2N95 Y1
Al Unser Jr.'s Arcade RacingMindscape 5Y95 Y1
Angel Devoid Mindscape 1/6NNY4
Apache Gunship Digital Integration4N/A NN1
Assault Rigs Sony Interactive 6YNN/A 1
BackPacker BMG Interactive 10NYY1
Batman Forever Acclaim 3NNN1
Battle Beast 7th Level 6NNN1
Battles in Time Q.Q.P. 2NNY1
Bermuda Syndrome BMG Interactive 3/6NYY2
Big Red Racing Domark Interactive 5/6Y95B1
BrainDead 13 ReadySoft 1NNN1
Buried in Time Sanctuary Woods 1NYY3
Burn: Cycle Philips Media 1NNY1
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second CataclysmRocket Science Games 1NNN3
Caesar II Impressions 2NYY1
Chaos Control Infogrames 6NNN1
Chaos Overlords New World Computing2Y95Y1
Chewy, Escape from F5 Blue Byte 1NNN1
Chronicles of the SwordPsygnosis 1NNY1
Civilization II MicroProse 2Y95 Y1
CivNET MicroProse 3YYY1
Commander & Conquer Westwood Studios 2YNY2
Congo: The Movie - Descent into Zinj Viacom New Media 1/6NYY1
Conqueror Sierra On-Line1/2NNY1
Conquest of the New World Interplay 2YNY1
Crusader: No Remorse Origin 2/6NNY1
Cyber Bykes Gametek 6YNN/A 1
CyberMage: Darklight AwakeningOrigin 1/6N/A NN1
CyberSpeed Mindscape 5/6Y95 N1
D Acclaim 1NNY2
Darker Sony Interactive 5/6NNN1
Dark Seed 2 Cyberdreams 1NNN1
Defcon 5 GT Interactive 6NNN1
Descent Levels of the WorldInterplay 6YNN1
Descent 2 Interplay 6YNN1
Destruction Derby Sony Interactive 5YNN1
Dr. Drago's Madcap ChaseBlue Byte 10YNN1
Druid: Daemons of the MindSir-Tech 7NNY1
Duke Nukem 3D Apogee 6YNY1
Dungeon Master II Interplay 7NNB1
Dust Cyberflix 1NYY1
EarthSiege II: SkyforceSierra On-Line 5N/A 95 B1
Earthworm Jim Activision 3N95 N1
Endorfun Time Warner Interactive2NYY1
Entomorph: Plague of the DarkfallS.S.I. 7N95 Y1
ESPN Extreme Games Sony Interactive 8N/A NN 1
Fade to Black Electronic Arts 1/6NNB1
Fantasy General S.S.I. 2NNY1
Fast Attack Sierra On-Line 5NYY1
Fatal Racing Gremlin Interactive5YNN1
FIFA Soccer '96 EA Sports 8N/A NY1
Firestorm: Thunderhawk 2 Core Design 5NNN1
Flight of The Amazon QueenRenegade 1NNN1
Flight Unlimited Looking Glass Technologies 4NNB1
Frankeinstein: Through The Eyes of the MonsterInterplay 1N95 Y1
Front Page Sports: Football Pro '96 SeasonSierra On-Line 8NNY1
Full Throttle LucasArts 1NNN1
Full Tilt Maxis 3N95 Y1
FX Fighters GTE Interactive 6NNY1
Gabriel Knight II: The Beast WithinSierra On-Line 1NYY6
Grand Prix Manager MicroProse 2YYY1
Great Naval Battles Vol IV: Burning SteelS.S.I. 2NNY1
Hellfire Zone Gametek 3NNY1
Heroes of Might and MagicNew World Computing2NNY1
Hi Octane Bullfrog 5YNB1
Hole in One Gametek 8NNN1
Icebreaker Magnet Interactive 2NYN/A 1
I Have No Mouth and I Must ScreamCyberdreams 1NNY1
Indycar Racing 2.0 Papyrus Publishing 5YYY1
Kingdom O' Magic Sales Curve Interactive 1NN/AN/A 1
Kingdom: The Far Reaches Interplay 1NNN1
Knight Moves MicroProse 3NYY1
Lion Sanctuary Woods 1/7NBN1
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully BodineRocket Science Games 1NNN3
Lode Runner Network Sierra On-Line 3/6YYY1
Lords of Midnight Domark Interactive 7NNN1
Lost Admiral II Q.Q.P. 2NNY1
Magic Carpet: Hidden WorldsBullfrog 9YNB1
Magic Carpet II: The NetherworldsBullfrog6YNB1
Manic Karts Virgin 3/5YNN1
Marco Polo Infogrames 1NNN1
McKenzie & Co Her Interactive N/ANNN4
MechWarrior II Expansion Pack: Ghost Bear's LegacyActivision 5NNB1
MechWarrior II: The ClansActivision 5NNB1
MechWarrior II for Windows 95 Activision 5Y95 B1
MechWarrior II Network Add-On Activision 9YNB1
Megaman X Capcom 3NNN1
Metal Marines: Master Edition Mindscape 2YYY1
Millenia: Altered Destinies Take 2 Interactive 2NNY1
Mission Critical Legend Entertainment1NNY3
Monopoly Virgin 2YNY1
MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual StupidityViacom New Media 1NN/AN/A 1
Multimedia Celebrity Poker New World Computing2NYY1
Navy Strike Empire Interactive 4NNY1
NBA JAM Tournament Edition Acclaim 8NNN1
NBA Live '96 EA Sports 8NNY1
NHL '96 EA Sports 8N/A NY1
Normality Gremlin Interactive1NNN1
Panic in the Park Imagination Pilots 1NYY3
PBA Bowling Bethesda Sofworks 8NYN/A 1
PGA Tour Golf '96 EA Sports 8NNY1
Phantasmagoria Sierra On-Line 1NYY7
Pinball 3D-VCR 21st Century 3NNY1
Pinball Illusions 21st Century 3NNY1
Pinball World 21st Century 3NNY1
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Activision 3N95 N1
Police Quest - SWAT Sierra On-Line 1NYY4
Pool Champion Mindscape 8N95 Y1
Power House Impressions 2NNY1
Primal Rage Time Warner Interactive 6NNN1
Pro Pinball - The Web Empire Interactive 3NNY1
Psychic Detective Electronic Arts 1NNN/A 2
Putt-Putt Saves the ZooHumongous Ent. 1NYY1
Rapid Assault GTE Interactive 6NNN1
Rebel Assault II LucasArts 6NNN2
Red Ghost Empire Interactive 2NNN1
Revolution X Acclaim 3NNN1
Ring Cycle Sony Interactive 1NNN/A 1
Ripper Take 2 Interactive 1NNY6
Rise of the Robots 2: The Resurrection Acclaim 6NNY1
Road Warrior Gametek 6NNY1
Rugby World Cup 1995 Electronic Arts 8NNY1
Savage Warriors Mindscape 6NNN1
Scottish Open Core Design 8NNN1
Screamer Virgin 5YNN1
Sea Legends Ocean Software 1/7NNN/A 1
Shadow of the Empire Blue Byte 2YYY1
Shanghai: Great MomentsActivision 2N95Y1
Shannara Legend Entertainment 1NNY1
Shivers Sierra On-Line 1NYY1
Shock Wave Assault Electronic Arts 6N95N/A 1
Silent Hunter S.S.I. 5NNY1
Silent Steel Ocean Software 1NYY1
Silent Thunder: A-10 Tank Killer 2Sierra On-Line 4N95 Y1
Silverload Millenium 1NNN1
Sim City 2000 for Windows 95Maxis 2N95 Y1
Sim Earth Maxis 2NNY1
Sim Isle Maxis 5NNY1
Simon the Sorcerer 2 Adventure Soft 1NNN1
Sim Town Maxis 2NYY1
Slam City Digital Pictures N/ANNN1
Slipstream 5000 Gremlin 5NNN1
Space Bucks Sierra On-Line 2NYY1
Space Quest VI Sierra On-Line 1NBY1
Spycraft: The Great Game Activision 1N95 Y3
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Harbinger Viacom New Media 1NNN2
Star Trek The Next Generation: A final UnitySpectrum Holobyte 1NNY1
Steel Panthers S.S.I. 2NNY1
Stonekeep Interplay 1/7NNN1
S.T.O.R.M. American Softworks Corp.3/6NNY1
Striker '95 Time Warner Interactive 8NNN1
SU-27 Flanker S.S.I. 4N95 Y1
Super Street Fighter IICapcom 6NNN1
Supreme Warrior Digital Pictures 6NNN1
Tang Chi Capcom 2NN/AN/A 1
Tank Commander Domark Interactive 2/5YNN1
TekWar Capstone 1/6NNN/A 1
Terra Nova: Strike Force CentauriLooking Glass Technologies 6/7NNB1
TFX: EF 2000 Ocean 4NNY1
The Airport Humongous Entertainment 10NYY1
The Civil War Empire Interactive 2NNN1
The Dark Eye Inscape 1NYY1
The Dig LucasArts 1NNN1
The Eleventh Hour Trilobyte 1NNY4
The Hive Trimark Interactive3/6N95N2
The Last Bounty HunterAmerican Laser Games 6NNN1
The Last Dynasty Coktel Vision 1NYY2
The Need for Speed Electronic Arts 5NNB1
The Orion Conspiracy Domark Interactive 1NNY1
The Raven Project Mindscape 6NNN1
The Riddle of Master LuSanctuary Woods 1NYY1
The Rise and Rule of
Ancient Empires
Sierra On-Line 1NYY1
The Scroll Millenium 1NNN/A 1
The Skins Golf at BighornInterplay 8NNN1
The Terminator: Future Shock Bethesda Softworks 6NNN1
Thexder Sierra On-Line 3/6N95Y1
This Means War! MicroProse 3YYY1
Thunderscape S.S.I. 7NNN1
Tilt Virgin 3NNY1
Top Gun: Fire at Will Spectrum Holobyte 4YNB2
Torin's Passage Sierra On-Line 1NYY1
Track Attack MicroProse 3/5NNB1
Transport Tycoon DeluxeMicroProse 2YNY1
Trophy Bass Fishing Sierra On-Line 5NYY1
Ultimate Football '95 MicroProse 8NNY1
Unnecessary Roughness '96Accolade 8NNY1
Virtual Karts MicroProse 5YNY1
Virtual Pool Interplay 8YNY1
Virtual Snooker Interplay 8YNY1
Warcraft II: Tides of DarknessBlizzard Ent. 2YNY1
Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned RatMindscape 2N95 Y1
Wayne Gretzky/NHLPA All Stars Interactive 8 1 NNN1
Werewolf vs. Comanche Novalogic 4YNN1
WetLands New World Computing6NNN1
What's my Story ? Digital Pictures 10NNN1
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom Origin 5/6NNB6
Wing Nuts Rocket Science Games4/6NNN3
WipEout Sony Interactive 5N/A NN/A 1
Witchaven Capstone 6/7NNN1
World Hockey '95 Merit Studios 8NNN1
Worms Team 17 3YNN1
Zombie Dinos Interplay N/ANNN1
Zone Raiders Virgin 5/6N/A NN/A 1
Zoop Viacom New Media 2YNY1
Zork: Nemesis Activision 1N95 Y3
Albion Blue Byte 1/7 4 NNN1
Arc of Doom Ocean Software 1 4 NYY1
Atmosfear Time Warner Interactive 1 4 NN/AN/A 1
Awful Green Things From Outer Space Q.Q.P. 2 4 N/A NN/A 1
Chess Wars Art Data Interactive 6 4 NNN1
JetSki Rage Velocity 6/8 4 YNN1
Machinehead Slaughterhouse EarthCore Design N/A 4 N/A NN/A1
Shell Shock Core Design 5 4 N/A NN/A1
SkullCracker Cyberflix 6 4 NNY1
Space Academy Mindscape 3 4 NNN/A 1
SpaceKids: Where's Grandpa ? MicroProse 10 4 NNN1
Super Bubsy Accolade 3 4 N95 N1
Swagman Core Design N/A 4 N/A NN/A1
Wargame Construction Set 3S.S.I. 2 4 NNY1
Winnie the Pooh and the HoneytreeDisney Interactive 10 4 NNN1
Aftermath: The Struggle Begins Mindscape 1 4 NN/AY1
Bad Day on the Midway Inscape 1 4 NYY1
Crystal Skull Capstone 1 4 NNN/A 1
Deathwing Mindscape 6 4 YNB1
Empire Builder Q.Q.P. 2 4 N/AN/AN/A 1
Fox Hunt Capcom 1 4 NNN/A 1
Hardwired Novalogic 5/6 4 NNN/A 1
Hot Shots! Velocity 4 4 NNN1
Hoyles 4 Sierra On-Line 2 4 NYY1
Konquest Q.Q.P. 2 4 N/AN/AN/A 1
NCAA Football Mindscape 8 4 N95Y1
Northlands Q.Q.P. 2 4 N/AN/AN/A 1
Pool Shark Mindscape 1/8 4 NYY1
Rollcage Team 17 5 4 YNB1
Space Runner Ocean Software 2/3 4 NNN/A 1
Star Trek Starfleet AcademyInterplay 2/4 4 NNY1
Tank Girl GTE Interactive 1 4 NNN/A 1
Tomb Raider Core Design 5 4 N/A NN/A 1
Vikings! Pirates of the North MicroProse 3 4 NYY1
Visions of Glory Q.Q.P. 2 4 N/AN/AN/A 1
Clue Virgin N/A 95 NNN1
Dark Earth Mindscape 1 95 NNN1
Dark Streets Cyberflix 1 95 NN/A Y1
Hunters of Ralk Cyberdreams 1/7 95 NNY1
Incoming! Millenium N/A 95 NNN/A 1
Ishar Genesis Silmarils 7 95 NNN/A 1
Marilyn Monroe Fox Interactive 12 95 NN/AN/A 1
RMS Titanic Cyberflix 1 95 NN/A Y1
Trancemission Virgin N/A 95 NNN1
Trivial Pursuit Virgin 2 95 NNN1

First Quarter
3D-Decathlon Virgin 8NNN/A 1
Adventures of the Smart Patrol Inscape 1NYY1
Agile Warrior: F-111X Virgin 3/6YN/AN/A 1
Alien Trilogy Acclaim 6NNN1
Blood Apogee 6YNN1
Clayfighter 2: Judgment Clay Interplay 6NNN1
Confirmed Kill Domark Interactive 4YNY1
Converse Hardcore HoopsVirgin 8NNN1
Corporate Colonies Q.Q.P. 2N/AN/AN/A1
CyberJudas DC True 2/7NNY1
DeathKeep S.S.I. 7N95N/A 1
Deus Ex Machina Silmarils 1/7NNY1
Fable Telstar 1NNY1
Fast Draw Showdown American Laser Games 6NNN1
Frank Thomas "Big Hurt" Baseball Acclaim 8NNN/A 1
HardBall 5 Accolade 8NNY1
Harvester Merit Software 1NNY1
Jack Nicklaus: Live at Muirfield Village Accolade 8NNY1
Jagged Alliance: Head-to-Head Plus Sir-Tech 2/6YNN1
Judge Dredd Acclaim 3NNN1
Krazy Ivan Sony Interactive 6N/A NN1
Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's WarSales Curve Interactive 3/6YN/AN/A 1
Madden NFL 96 Electronic Arts 8N/A NY1
Magic of Xanth Legend Entertainment 1NNY1
MechLords: The Inner CircleNew World Computing2NNN1
Monstrous City Virgin 2/6NNN1
Mortimer and The Riddles of The Medallion LucasArts 9NYY1
NFL Quaterback Club '96Acclaim 8NNN1
Parasite Sony Interactive 3/6NNY1
Privateer 2: The Darkening Origin 5/6NNY4
Rivers of Dawn Virgin 7NNY1
Ruins Apogee 6YNN1
Separation Anxiety Acclaim 6N95 N1
Shadows Over Riva Sir-Tech 7NNY1
Shadow Warrior Apogee 6YNN/A 1
T-Mek Time Warner Interactive 3/6YN/AN/A 1
Terracide Domark Interactive 6NNY1
The Ancients Mindscape 2NN/A Y1
The Tenth Planet Bethesda Softworks 1NNN/A 1
Time Commando Electronic Arts 1/6NNY1
Toonstruck Virgin 1NNY1
VR Baseball '96 Interplay 8N/A NN/A1
Waterworld Interplay 6NNN1
Waterworld: The Quest for Dry Land Interplay 2YNN1
X-Car Bethesda Softworks 5NNN1

Second Quarter
Afterlife LucasArts 2NNY1
Alphastorm Psygnosis 3/6NNN/A1
American Civil War Interactive Magic 2NBY1
Atripolis 2097 Mindscape 3/6NNN/A1
Azrael's Tear Mindscape 1/7N95Y1
Baldies Atari Interactive 2NNN1
Battlecruiser 3000 AD Gametek 2/4YNY1
Calia 2095 LucasArts 1NNN1
Chessmates Interplay 2NNY1
Civil War General Sierra On-Line 2NBY1
Cyberstorm Sierra On-Line 5N/ABY1
Dawn of Darkness Ocean Software 1/6N/ANN/A1
Deadline Psygnosis 2/6NNY1
Deadlock Accolade 2YBY1
Destiny Interactive Magic 2Y95Y1
Dragon Dice Interplay 7YYY1
Dungeon Keeper Bullfrog 7YNB1
Euro 96 Gremlin Interactive8NNN1
F1 Grand Prix 2 MicroProse 5YNY1
Gender Wars Sales Curve Interactive 1/6YN/A N1
G-Police Sony Interactive 6NNN/A 1
Heart of Darkness Virgin 3NNN1
Hyperblade Activision 8Y95N/A 1
Jet Fighter III Mission Studios 4NNN1
Lemmings Paintball Psygnosis N/ANNN/A 1
Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares MicroProse 3N/A NN/A 1
Megarace 2 Mindscape 3/5NNY1
Muppet Treasure IslandActivision 10N95Y1
Necrodome S.S.I. 5Y95N/A1
Normality Gremlin Interactive1NNN1
Odyssey Sir-Tech 7NNY1
Offensive Ocean Software 2N/ANY1
Olympic Soccer US Gold 8NNY1
Orion Burger Sanctuary Woods 1NNY1
Philip Marlowe: Private EyeViacom NewMedia1NNY1
Putty Squad Acclaim 3NNN1
Qin: Tomb of the Middle KingdomTime Warner Interactive1NNY1
Renegade: Return to Jacob's Star S.S.I.4/6YNY1
Return Fire Warner Interactive 2/6Y95N1
Sampras Extreme Codemasters 8NNN1
Sensible World of SoccerRenegade 8NNY1
Silencer S.S.I. 6Y95 Y1
Star Trader Mindscape 2NBY1
Synnergist 21st Century 1NNN/A 1
The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall Bethesda Softworks 7NNN1
The Indestructibles Bullfrog 2/6YNN/A 1
Total Mania Domark 6Y95Y1
Under A Killing Moon 2Access Software 1NNY4
Urban Runner Sierra On-Line 1NYY4
Viper Ocean Software 1/3NNN/A1
VR Basketball '96 Interplay 8N/A NN/A 1
VR Hockey '96 Interplay 8N/ANN/A 1
Warhammer 40,000: Dark Crusaders Mindscape 6/7YNY1
Where is Wally? At the Circus Imagination Pilots 1NYY1
World Rally Fever Team 17 3/6NNN1
XS: Shield Up-Fight BackSales Curve Interactive 3/6YNN1
Z Renegade 2YNN1

Third Quarter
Armored Fist 2 Novalogic 5YBY1
Blood and Magic Interplay 7NNN/A1
City of the Lost ChildrenPsygnosisN/ANNN/A 1
Comanche 3 Novalogic 4YBY1
Darknet American Softworks Corp.6YNN/A1
Deathtrap Dungeon Domark N/ANNY1
Decathlon Interactive Magic 8N95Y1
Die Hard Trilogy Fox Interactive 1NN/AN/A 1
Dream 18: Golf the WorldMindscape 8N95Y1
Enemy Nations Viacom NewMedia 2YN/AY1
Flying Nightmares 2 Domark Interactive 4YNY1
Fragile Allegiance Gremlin Interactive2YNY1
Hellraiser: Virtual Hell Magnet Interactive 1NNN1
International Moto X Renegade 5NNN1
Iron Angel Ocean Software 4NNN1
Joe's Apartment: The Quest to InfestViacom NewMedia2/6NN/AN/A1
Lands of Lore 2 Westwood Studios 7NNY1
Lighthouse Sierra On-Line 1NYY1
Magic: The Gathering MicroProse 7Y95 Y1
Melt American Softworks Corp.6N95N/A1
MetalWerks Sanctuary Woods 6N/AN/AY1
Mindwarp Maxis 2/6N95N1
Netrunner Interplay 1/6N/AN/A Y1
Olympic Games US Gold 8YNY1
Outpost 2.0 Sierra On-Line 2N95 Y1
Pax Imperia 2 Blizzard Ent. 2YYY1
Phantasmagoria 2 Sierra On-Line 1NYYN/A
Pinball Construction Kit21st Century Ent.3NBY1
Powerslave Playmates Interactive6Y95N1
Safecracker Daydream 1NBY1
Sand Warriors Gremlin Interactive4/6NNN1
Santa Fe Mysteries: Elk Moon Murder Activision 1N95 Y1
Santa Fe Mysteries: Sacred Grounds Activision 1N95Y1
Snow Crash Viacom NewMedia 2/6NN/AN/A1
Star Control III Accolade 1/2N/A NN/A1
Star Trek Generations MicroProse 1NNY1
Syndicate Wars Bullfrog 2/6YNY1
The Space Bar Rocket Science Games1NYY1
Three Skulls of the ToltecsTime Warner Interactive1NNY1
Total Mayhem Mirage Technologies3/6NNY1
Tunnel B1 Ocean Software 6N/ANN1
Urban Decay Sony Interactive 1/6NNY1
Witchaven 2 Capstone 6YNB1
Z Renegade2YN/AN1

Fourth Quarter
1943: European Air WarMicroProse 4NNN/A1
3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep NightSierra On-Line3N95Y1
Actua Golf Gremlin Interactive8NNN1
AH-64 Apache Domark Interactive 4NNY1
Assassin 2015 Warner Interactive N/AN95N/A1
Athanor Sony Interactive N/AN/A NN/A 1
Betrayal in Antara Sierra On-Line 1/7N>95YN/A
Birthright Sierra On-Line 7YN/AY1
Blade Runner Westwood Studios 1N/AN/A Y1
Blast Chamber Activision 6Y95N/A1
Bluestar Magnet Interactive 6NYY1
Callahan's Crosstime SaloonLegend Entertainment1NNY1
Citizens: Backwater AffairsMicroProse 2N95Y1
Clandestiny Trilobyte 1NNYN/A
Constructor Warner Interactive N/ANN/AN/A1
Cooper McQue Breaks Through!Dreamworks Interactive1/6N95N/A1
CyberGladiators Sierra On-Line 6NN/AN/A1
Death Drone Viacom NewMedia 6NN/AN1
Descent to UndermountainInterplay 7YNN1
Dirty Racing Novalogic 5YBY1
E.Gore Sierra On-Line 1NN/AY1
Euro Manager '96 Team 17 2/8N95Y1
Exhumed Lobotomy 1/6YNN/A1
Faery Tale Adventure Part II: Halls of the DeadTrimark Interactive1NN/AN/A 1
Firo & Klawd Interactive Studios1/3NNN/A1
Flying Corps Empire Interactive 4NNY1
Galaxis Trimark Interactive2YYY1
Gene Wars Bullfrog 2YNN/A 1
Goosebumps: Escape From HorrorlandDreamworks Interactive3N95N1
Grand Theft Auto DMA Design 6YNN/A1
Hardwar Gremlin Interactive4/6YNY1
Hunter-Hunted Sierra On-Line 6N/AN/AN/A1
Incredible Idiots In SpaceAmerican Softworks Corp.1/6N95Y1
Inernational Aviation Manager21st Century2NNN/A1
Interstate '76 Activision N/AN95 Y1
Into the Void Playmates Interactive2YNY1
Lego Mindscape
Leisure Suit Larry VIISierra On-Line 1N95Y1
Lords of the Realm 2 Sierra On-Line 2YN/AY1
MagZone Trimark Interactive5/6Y95N/A 1
Marvel 2099 Mindscape N/ANN/AN/A1
M.I.A. Warner Interactive 4N/A95N/A1
Monster Island Magnet Interactive 6Y95Y1
MTV's Aeon Flux Viacom New Media 1/6NN/AN/A1
MTV's Beavis & Butt-Head: Little ThingiesViacom NewMedia3N95N/A1
Obsidian Rocket Science Games1N95Y1
Perfect Weapon American Softworks Corp.6N95N/A1
Rama Sierra On-Line 1N95Y3
Realms of the HauntingGremlin Interactive1NNN1
Red Baron II Sierra On-Line 4NBY1
Return to Krondor 7th Level 1/7NN/AY1
Rocket Jockey Rocket Science Games6/8Y95Y1
Sentient Psygnosis N/AN/A NN/A1
Shattered Steel Interplay 6YNN/A1
SimCopter Maxis 4/6N95Y1
Star Trek: Borg Simon & Schuster Interactive1NN/AY1
Super Heroes MicroProse 2N/A95Y1
Surreal American Softworks Corp.1/6N95N/A1
Ten Pin Alley American Softworks Corp.8Y95Y1
The Divide: Enemies WithinViacom NewMedia1NN/AN/A1
Theme Hospital Bullfrog 2NNY1
TNN Motor Sports Hardcore 4x4American Softworks Corp.6/8N95N/A1
TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament '97American Softworks Corp.8NNY1
Trash-It Warner Interactive N/AN/ANN/A1
Vanished Powers Ocean Software 7NNN/A1
Viper Ocean Software 6N/ANN1
Virtual Casino Activision 3N/A 95N/A 1
VMX Racing Playmates Interactive8Y95N/A1
X-COM 3: The ApocalypseMicroprose 2/6N/ANN1
Zombieville Psygnosis 1/6NNY1
3-D Ultra Mini Golf Sierra On-Line 8 97N95Y1
Aces over Korea Sierra On-Line 4 96 YNN1
Alien vs Predator Fox Interactive 6 97N/AN/AN1
Cloak: The Naked Mind Sierra On-Line 1 97NN/AYN/A
Dark Ride Rocket Science Games 5 96 NNN1
Double Switch Acclaim 1 96 N95N/A 1
Echoes Sierra On-Line 1 97 NN/AY1
Hellraiser Magnet 7 96 NNN/A 1
Planet Of The Apes Fox Interactive 1 97 NN/AN/A 1
Rocket Boy Rocket Science Games1/6 96 NNN1
Shivers II Sierra On-Line197N95Y1
Space Hulk 2 Electronic Arts 6 96 NNY1
The X-Files Fox Interactive 1 97 NN/AN/A 1
Twisted Metal Sony Interactive N/A 96 N/A NN/A 1
Ultima IX: Ascension Origin 7 96 N95 N1
Virtual Springfield Fox Interactive 10 96 NN/AN/A 1
War Hawk Sony Interactive N/A 96 N/A NN/A 1

First Quarter
Backflash Playmates Interactive2/6NNN/A1
Colliderz American Softworks Corp.6Y95N1
Creation Bullfrog 2YNB1
Duckman: The Legend of the FallPlaymates Interactive1/6NNN/A1
Ganymede Rocket Science Games6Y95Y1
Highlander: The ImmortalsMagnet Interactive1N95N/A1
Human Time Bomb Activision 1N95Y1
Meat Puppets Playmates Interactive1/6N95Y1
MDK Playmates Interactive6N/ANN/A1
Mig Alley Rowan Software 4NNY1
SimGolf Maxis 8Y95Y1
Supersonic Racers Mindscape 5/6Y95N/A1
The Neverhood: A Curious Wad of Klay Finds His SoulDreamworks InteractiveN/AN95N/A1
Second Quarter
Allegiance Team 17 6YNB1
Burning Road Playmates Interactive5/6YNY1
Let's Get Cookin'Dreamworks Interactive12N95N/A1
The Mortificator Playmates Interactive 6N/ANN/A1

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