The Mansion of the Hidden Souls



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The Mansion of the Hidden Souls is Sega Saturn's first 3D adventure game where you must save a few souls from destruction.

The entire game, except for the finale, takes place in a pre-calculated 3D rendered mansion that contains eleven rooms and two floors. You are June, a human soul transformed into a butterfly. An old man, named Elder who turned his back on society years ago and became a butterfly, has called you to come to the mansion. He fears that something strange and very wrong is going to happen and is worried by the color of the moon. The moon is stained with blood and is quite frighting to look at. Elder has also called in Mike to help you find out what is going on in the mansion. He will accompany you throughout your journey.

Soon after you start your investigation, you quickly realize that something is definitely wrong in the mansion. You discover Mike's room has been ram-shackled and the blue book that Elder lent to Mike has been stolen. Your mission now is to try and solve the mystery and save the mansion from destruction.

Elder had a sister when he was still human, but she died during the war. He became bitter about life and decided to become a butterfly and built the mansion as some sort of resting place for humans who have decided to become butterflies. They hide from the outside world remaining in the mansion forever with no needs such as food.

You'll have to be careful as you visit each room because it is possible to make a wrong decision and die in the game. Therefore, when visiting your own room, take note of the diary next to your bed. It has been placed there to allow you to record your current position in the game. You may record up to three different positions which will allow you to continue from there at the main menu.

The main menu is simple and consists of three options: start game for starting a new game, continue game for continuing a saved game in your diary, and game options where you can select a normal game or an easy game. I recommend that you play using the normal mode as the easy mode does not represent a challenge at all.

The graphics in the game are quite nice. When you visit the different rooms, you'll get to speak to the person that lives there and an animated head will appear in the middle of the screen as they talk to you. You'll visit rooms with wall paper, pictures and furniture, all very well textured. Most of the rooms are bedrooms, but you'll also find a pool room, a shooting room, and a study. Each room has a unique sound track with interesting classical type music. You'll hear pianos playing, and while in the hall the grandfather clock ticking away.


The story is a bit strange, but interesting enough to keep you going until the end. I would say that anyone 10 years or older could enjoy playing with this adventure game. The Mansion of the Hidden Souls is a small adventure game that is easy to play and will fill up an entire afternoon.


Overall: ***


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Sega Video Games Netherlands B.V.,
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Sega Belgium N.V.,
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1180 Brussels.

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