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American Laser Games

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The GameGun by American Laser Games is a must for people who play with the games that support this device.

Having played many of the games available for use with the gamegun using only the control pad, I quickly got tired of these games. The games such as Crime Patrol, Who Shot Johnny Rock, Space Pirates, Drug Wars, The Last Bounty Hunter, Demolition Man, etc, are great games and fun to play. But moving that pointer all around the screen trying to keep yourself alive by shooting all the bad guys is quite tiresome.

Since the GameGun has arrived, all the games by ALG are being pulled out again and given a second try. They are completely different and much more fun this time around. You really have the feeling that you are actually there with a gun ready to shoot at whoever is asking for it.

The GameGun we reviewed is for use with the 3DO platform. It is also available for the PC. Installation is simple, you simply plug the gun into the 3DO. The gun also has a plug on it for using a second GameGun or control pad for playing the games with two players. The gun is orange, made of plastic and looks much like a toy, which in our opinion is good because people could never claim that they actually thought it was a real gun, which could cause problems such as someone shooting at you because they thought you were going to shoot them. On the gun you will discover the trigger and a small black button which is used to calibrate the gun. Calibrating the gun is also quite easy. On the calibration screen of the game you are playing, you simply press the black button and aim for the bulls eye. This adjusts the gun to your style of aiming and will make it easier for you to aim during game play.

Using the GameGun requires you to point and pull the trigger. To reload you just point the gun anywhere outside of the screen, usually the bottom of the screen is the recommended area.


A game from American Laser Games without the GameGun is not complete! Although a person can enjoy a game without it, I have enjoyed these games twice as much now that I have a gun to point and shoot.


Overall: ****

Retail price:US $59.95

Games supporting the two-player version:

Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold
Crime Patrol
Space Pirates
Drug Wars
The Last Bounty Hunter
Shoot Out at Old Tucson


American Laser Games,
4801 Lincoln Rd. NE,
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Technical Support: 1-800-863-4263
Information & Orders: 1-800-880-1718

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