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World Series Baseball by Sega is a realistic 3D baseball game with almost everything you'd like to see in it. It will bring the world series to your living room and provide months of entertainment.

You'll be able to play baseball in four different stadiums which are Fenway Park, the Astrodome, Wrigley Field, and Yankee Stadium. The game allows you to play a pennant race, an exhibition game, the playoffs, an All-Star game, or a Homerun Derby. A pennant race will allow you to play through a full season of either 13, 26, or 162 games and going on to the playoffs. An exhibition game permits you to play a single game without affecting any of your current statistics and series in progress. Playoffs let you skip the pennant race and jump right into the more exciting part of baseball, and the All-Star game is a game between the National league and the American league. Batting practice can be performed with the Homerun Derby.

When starting a game you be asked to select a team from either the National or the American league for both the home and visitor teams, to pick a stadium to play in, and whether you want to play a day or night game. The only difference I noticed between a day and night game was the sky which isn't seen too often during a game. You are then presented with the starting line ups where you can view batting averages, number of home runs and single base hits. You are now ready to PLAYBALL!

The graphics for the players, baseball diamond and outfield are excellent. The stadium is also well done with everything being in 3D, but the spectators are just a bunch of colored squares or dots. Players are dressed in their uniforms with small details such as socks, running shoes, caps, and baseball gloves all being present with even their skin color showing on their arms and faces. A digitized photograph of each player is shown with their statistics when they go up to bat. Your view of the playing field is the same as the one the Catcher would have which is just behind the batter. Your camera view changes as the ball moves out into the field or to another player. During a game you may change the camera view to either low, middle, high, random or chase by pressing start and making your selection. In the top left corner of the screen you'll find a small map of the playing field with the players shown in blue, players on base in red, and the ball as yellow. The top right corner contains the current score for the game, the number of outs for the team at bat, and the number of balls and strikes for the current batter. You'll find speed and direction of the wind in the bottom left corner and the total number of strike outs for the pitcher in the bottom right along with the speed of the ball thrown by the pitcher.

The sound in the game is also good, but the crowd may get on your nerves. The sound for the crowd never ends and is constantly repeating itself. Other than that, the rest of the sounds are great. You have an in game announcer who will announce each batter as they go up for bat, the balls and strikes, how many men are on base, etc. A little organ music can be heard once in awhile and extra cheering when a homerun is hit or booing when the visiting team scores.

The game is very easy to play using the control pads. You'll be able to swing or bunt while at bat and move the batter around. Once on base, you can advance your players using the shift keys and steal a base using the y key. If you don't think you'll be able to make it, you can try running back to base using the x key. For the team pitching, you can throw the ball to each of the bases and move your players in or out depending on how far you think the batter may hit the ball. The total number of feet the ball travels is shown on the screen once you hit the ball and a small yellow square is displayed on the ground where the ball is expected to land. Catching a ball is easy as all you need to do is position a player on the yellow square, but be alert as sometimes at the last second the yellow square will move to the left or right.

World Series Baseball has a few options which can be set such as turning the announcer, wind, or sound on and off, and performing music tests. There is also a database containing all the statistics for the teams and players of 1994. In it you will find stats for Avg., HR, RBI, G, AB, H, SB, E, BB, SO, SLG, and OBH.


World Series Baseball is a great game that can be played by one or two players for playing long or short games, since you can play between one to nine innings. If you only feel like watching a baseball game, you can do that too by watching the computer play against himself. Baseball fans will love being able to keep the season going even through winter or baseball strikes.


Overall: ****


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