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American Laser Games has added another shooting game to their collection for the 3DO, Space Pirates. A game filled with suspense and futuristic special effects.

Set in the year 3030, space pirates have captured a ship of colonists. These pirates, who hop from planet to planet, are led by the evil Captain Talon. Talon plans to rule the universe by collecting power crystals which will be placed in his star splitter cannon giving him the power to do as he pleases. You are a Star Ranger out to save the colonists and to find the crystals before Talon does. You also have a star splitter cannon in which to use the crystals and be able to blast Talon and his misfits into another galaxy. Be alert in your quest as you will have many pirates trying to stop you.

Space Pirates is a Live Motion Picture Action game! This means exactly what it says, that all scenes were recorded onto video and the playback is fantastic. Your mission starts off on the ship where the colonists are being held as hostages. Using the control pad or the gamegun you aim and shoot at the pirates who get in your way. The action is non-linear interactive resulting in different outcomes and many hours of suspenseful game play. Once you free the colonists you are on your way to finding the three crystals which are scattered on four different planets and then blasting Talon.

There are three difficulty levels in the game ranging from Rookie (easiest) to Ranger (hardest). The level of difficulty may be changed at any time during the game from the main menu. You may play a one or two player game where each player has their own scores, bullets and lives, and play at the same time. Aiming down at the bottom of the screen on the gun causes the laser gun to be reloaded. The game offers you three lives and then you may choose to continue the game with a new life from where you left off. But one still needs to be careful, as you may only continue a game about seven times and then one must start all over again. The sound quality is good with lots of dialogue and colonists giving you advice.


If you have enjoyed any of the other shooting games from American Laser Games such as Crime Patrol, Drug Wars, or Mad Dog, then you are bound to enjoy Space Pirates! This game will keep you on your toes as you try to acomplish your mission without being killed.


Overall: ***


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