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"Mazer" is a completely new approach in video games for American Laser Games. There is no live motion picture action as you would find in their previous games, nor could you compare this game with the others (Crime Patrol, Mad Dog McCree, Drug Wars, Space Pirates, etc).

The story line for Mazer goes something like this. A vicious alien race called the Semag-Resal from the Nacirema system, has conquered and invaded Earth. They have set up research facilities as bases for the construction of human cyborgs which double as military bases manned by combat drones. When the construction of the cyborgs is finished, telling a cyborg apart from a real human will be next to impossible. They will be able to search and destroy any humans who want to form a resistance.

Being part of the rebels who are scattered about on the Earth, you volunteer to help free the humans who are stored in stasis at each one of the bases. You will also have to destory the "boss" robot found at each base. To help you in your mission, you are equipped with a bio-enhancer (which makes your regular abilities a little stronger), an energy shield, and your chosen weapon.

There are four characters to choose from: Azotar from Spain who has a double damage energy burst; Freon from Iceland who has a Freeze ray to immobilize his opponents; Arashi from Japan who can teleport and has a double damage lighting bolt; and Hawk from Alaska, USA who has a flame thrower to clear his field. The game can be played by one or two players and the game is a little easier if played by two people.

The game itself is quite difficult. At each base you have these robots beaming in at random coming to attack you as you try to save the humans. In order to stop the robots from beaming in, you need to destroy the energizer which is usually surrounded by walls. Once the energizer is destroyed, the "boss" robot appears and attacks you immediately. During the game you have green and blue circles appear on the floor of the base which will restore some of your energy, shields, health, etc. I found it quite difficult to avoid being killed and saving all the humans. You are constantly being shot at and need to run all over the screen with your character to try and save yourself. The shields are quite useful, but it is difficult to fire and use the shields at the same time. I did discover that you can jump the shots fired at you, and that sometimes you can predict the shooting and therefore be able to kill the "boss" robot in this way. Of course, this was only good for one of the levels.

There are a total of 15 levels in the game. About every two levels you will encounter a bonus round where you can gather up extra special defences and weapons for your character. This can come in quite handy, but do hurry as the time you take to gather up the items is being counted down. If you are not quick enough, you will end up without any bonus at all.

Points are given for the number of humans saved in each level, for killing the boss robot and there is an extra bonus if you saved all the humans there were to be saved. In the bonus round, points are given for how fast you gather up your items and move yourself to the exit door. An extra life is awarded every 30,000 points.


If you enjoy shooting and protecting yourself, saving lives, and short levels, than this game may be for you. I personally do not think this was a great game, but it is challenging, and if you want a challenge, then give it a try.


Overall: **1/2


In North America:

American Laser Games,
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Albuquerque, NM 87109

Technical Support: 1-800-863-4263
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