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DATE: 1994

Fighting games have always been popular for the console market. The best example is the huge success of Acclaim in both arcades and consoles with the Mortal Kombat series. Even the PC is getting its own versions with the first two titles of the series already converted to floppy and CD-ROM. If I introduced this review with the Mortal Kombat example, it is because Way of The Warrior on the 3DO uses the same graphical concept.

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Each character has been filmed and digitized for all movements. On the opposite, the backgrounds have traditional graphics like other fighting games (Super Street Fighter II, Samurai Showdown, etc...). The quality of animation is good, but if we compare it to Mortal Kombat, it is not as smooth as Mortal Kombat's animations. Sometimes, movements are jerky and it seems like there are not enough frames to render perfect movement. One other thing that lacked in Way of The Warrior is the number of special moves. Most of the time, only two are available for each character and they are not that impressive. The fatalities are too often similar same (for example, the character burns up completely until only ashes are left) or they are deja vu.


Apart from this, Way of The Warrior can be considered as a good game as it is the first game from Naughty Dog on the 3DO. If the company wants to release another fighting game, they have better come up with something better than Mortal Kombat II or at least as good as Mortal Kombat III which has just been released on consoles.


Overall: ***

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