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Electronic Arts

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There are at least two common points among The Need for Speed, FIFA Soccer and Road Rash. First, they are among the best titles ever made for the 3DO console and second, they are all published by Electronic Arts.

On the traditional 16-bit consoles from Sega and Nintendo, Road Rash has been a great success and the successive sequels proved it. When plans of a conversion for the 3DO were announced, nothing, really nothing could have prepared you for what Electronic Arts did for the 3DO!

Road Rash is fast, tremendous, furious, hilarious and definitively miles ahead of the other available versions! That is really what we can expect from 32-bit systems with great graphics, CD-quality music, fast game play and intense action. Since the time of its release a few months ago, Road Rash was acclaimed as the best game of the 3DO and even today, it is a game that every 3DO owner can not afford to miss.

Road Rash is a racing/combat game with high speed motorcycles racing through a variety of tracks including cities and other landscapes. There are two different modes for playing with Road Rash. The first one lets you choose one track and puts you directly on your bike to challenge your opponents. You must place third or higher to advance to the next level, but your progress can not be saved during the game.

The other mode will allow you to pick a character with specific characteristics for each one of them, and to choose a track among five different ones (The City, Peninsula, Sierra Nevada, Napa Valley and Pacific Highway). As in the first mode, your goal will be to place third or higher to win the prize money according to your rank (first place gets $1,000, second $500 and the third $250 at level 1). After successfully qualifing yourself in each track, your level will change, which means the tracks will be longer and your opponents will become tougher. There are five levels to complete to win it all.

When going through a higher level, your adversaries are also faster and the only way to win the race will be to buy another bike. When you have enough money to buy a better bike, you need to go to the Olley's Skoot-A-Rama. There are three categories of bikes (Rat Bikes, Sport Bikes and Super Bikes) depending on their performances. So if you want to complete the game, you must place yourself in first place as often as possible in order to win plenty of money and to buy the bike of your dreams.

The music plays a great role in Road Rash with soundtracks by Soundgarden, Paw, Hammerbox, Therapy, Swervedriver and plenty others. There are even two video clips, one from Swervedriver with "Duel" and the other from Paw with "Jessie". Each clip mixes live video from the two music groups with images of racing bikes in action and other video footages of the game. Visually, Road Rash is a feast for your eyes with a lot of full screen video footages that appear in numerous occasions such as when you win, loose or you get busted by the police.


With its astounding realization, Road Rash hits the top of quality games for the 3DO and we all hope there will be a sequel for the 3DO as well!


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Overall: ****


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