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LucasArts usually means quality products for gamers who nearly always buy their products with their eyes closed. LucasArts's reputation is based on a series of acclaimed products like Maniac Mansion, the Monkey Island series, the Indiana Jones series and other recent titles such as Sam 'n Max, Tie-Fighter and Dark Forces. In each game, graphics are excellent and the storyline provides the player with a constant interest during the game.

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The conversion of Rebel Assault for the 3DO might establish LucasArts as a key developer for the 3DO console. If this market is attractive enough for the company, they might develop specific games for this machine using the 3DO ressources at its maximum, instead of converting a game initially designed for a PC or a MAC.

Rebel Assault's story is based on the well-known Star Wars universe and it might explain a part of the LucasArts's success. It reminds me of the time when I was speaking with a French developer at the Winter CES in January at the LucasArts's booth about Dark Forces. There was a playable demo of the game and while we were both playing it, he told me it was unfair for the company to use the Star Wars universe for their games. His reason was that it attracts many people who probably would not have bought the game if it was not about Star Wars. Up to a certain point, I agree with him, but that does not explain Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle successes.

But let's go back to Rebel Assault. The 3DO version has nothing more than the PC version when you compare the two; and even the inside cheat mode is identical! (When the LucasArts's logo appears on the screen, use your d-pad and do the following: Up+A, Down+A, Left+A, Right+A. If you do not hear "LucaArts", the cheat is not enabled).

Although Rebel Assault remains an excellent game, we were in the right to hope of getting a better quality of full motion video than what PC users are used to. Except for that, there is nothing else to say about the game. The story will take your breath away until the end when you will destroy the Death Star. The game is divided into 16 different chapters with a great variety of missions each time. Flying through canyons or asteroids fields, attacking destoryers or T-Fighters, and other surprises will await you in this action packed game. When you complete a level, you receive a password that allows you to go directly to the next level which avoids replays of all the previous chapters.


Rebel Assault is a shoot-em-up of an excellent quality with all the elements that made the Star Wars universe so popular. Great soundtrack, touching characters and the eternal fight of the good against the bad.


Overall: ***1/2

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