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Last year when Gametek released Quarantine for the PC, I played for countless hours shooting like a madman at everything that moved in front of my car. Although the game does not require any intellectual skills at all (well maybe just when you decide to turn left or right), there are elements which have never been encountered in any other video games. Among these elements are violence and blood. In Quarantine, you can crush people with your cab and see them hitting your windshield covered with blood. Usage of weapons is extensive in the game as you buy more powerful weapons with the money you earn when driving people inside Kemo City.

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The whole city is divided into separate areas connected by tunnels. However, each entrance opens only when you enter the correct password. When delivering passengers to their destinations, some missions will be offered to you by the Kemo City underground. Once you sucessfully complete these missions, you will be given the password to enter the next area.

Quarantine uses a first-person perspective interface that simulates the view you have when driving a cab. The PC version was fast with realistic textures changing from quarter to quarter and playability was the key element of this game. On the 3DO, unfortunately, the conversion was done without worring about the playability and how good the game looks. The only thing that deserves some appreciation in Quarantine for the 3DO is the introduction with its full motion video. It's funny and shows basically what Quarantine is all about.


Quarantine for the 3DO is a disaster. With such a powerful machine like the 3DO console, Gametek is miles away from other 3DO developers such as Crystal Dynamics or Electronic Arts. Let's hope they have better 3DO products in development than Quarantine.


Overall: **

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