May 1995 NEWS

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MicroProse just released an expansion disk for Transport Tycoon that lets you build your own world instead of using the terrain generated by the game itself. But more than just a terrain editor, the World Editor brings new features like the alternate graphics set and the multi-player support. The new graphics set sends you on the Red planet, Mars, with a Steam-Punk look. Vehicles now have bolts and rivets while buildings use gold and silver for a shiny look. As the original game only allowed a serial link to play head-to-head, the expansion disk now features a modem play option for two players. This expansion disk, as the game was, is excellent and will retain your interest for an unlimited amount of time.

With over 100,000 copies of Game Pack 1 sold last year, FormGen Inc. decided to continue the adventure with a second volume of the Game Pack. Available on CD-ROM only as its predecessor, the Game Pack 2 includes 37 VGA games with, for example, Hocus Pocus, Wacky Wheels, The Hunt Begins, Jazz Jackrabbit and more. It is a compilation of the best shareware programs available and it shows the importance of shareware products in the computer games industry. If you like shareware, the Game Pack 2 is what you are looking for!

Sirius Publishing known for its Sing-Along Kids series released the "5ft. 10 Pak Special Edition" last April. Ten CD-ROM's are bundled in this long package with multimedia titles from Microsoft (Multimedia Mozart), Time Warner Interactive (Hell Cab), American Laser Games (Who Shot Johnny Rock), Capstone (Corridor 7), Discovery (Beyond the Earth), etc... The package has over $100 in coupons for software and you can even win "Under A Killing Moon" when registering if you are lucky. With a price of US $39.95, there is no excuse to miss this excellent compilation.

21st Century Entertainment announced a new game named "Pinball Special Edition" to be released by the time you read this article. However, there is nothing really new about it. It is a compilation of pinball tables from Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies released in 1993 and 1994. For owners of the two games mentionned above, there is no need to buy this compilation, but for the others who might not be familiar with these titles, it is a great opportunity to discover some of the best pinball games ever made for the PC.

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