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DATE: 4th Quarter 93

Electronic Arts's Shock Wave is a futuristic game where your role will be to eradicate an alien invasion on Earth. You and the experimental F-177 heavy fighter are humanity's last hope to survive the dramatic conflict started by the alien forces.

Shock Wave was one of the first titles available on the 3DO market and received much enthusiasm from the public. It features a first-person cockpit view with photo-realistic terrains you fly over, and over twenty minutes of awesome full-motion video. Your enemies are fully texture-mapped too and your goal will be to destroy them all.

You have two different kinds of weapons: lasers and missiles. The only thing I do not like about the lasers is their sound when you shoot with them; it sounds like a repetitive 'beep' that really hurts your ears after 30 seconds. The missiles are great to use, but too bad you do not have a lot of them loaded.

Throughout the 10 missions included in the game, you will encounter many types of alien ships like for example, the mechanical spider (really easy to destroy).


Shock Wave is a good game that uses Dolby Surround sounds, great graphics, and will give you something to play with for a long time.


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