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March 1995 NEWS

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May will see the release of Micro Machines 2 from Codemasters. The game will feature 17 different air, land and sea vehicles that will challenge you with 51 race tracks! From dining tables to kitchen surfaces through the bathroom and the garden, Micro Machines offers the most chaotic tracks ever seen in a video game! Another new explosive feature is the multi-player support with up to four players racing simultaneously and the race track construction kit (only for the CD version) to create your own tracks.

On May 6, ReadySoft will start a new adventure with BrainDead 13, the latest title from the company. In this game, you will play the role of Lance, a computer technician who has been called in for some late night repairs. Soon, the intrepid computer repairman will realize there is something weird in this mansion. Shortly after you fixed the computer, you hear the Doctor Neuro Neurosis speaking of his evil plans to dominate the world and instructs his horrible servant Fritz to kill you. BrainDead 13 is a comedy with horror, action and adventure that we are all waiting anxiously to play with.

Spectrum Holobyte's Top Gun is a new flight simulator game for the PC CD-ROM based on the popular movie, TOP GUN. The program will feature SVGA graphics and a fast-action game play that should appeal to the mass market. Check out the screen shots that come with in this magazine!

Mike Singleton developed for Psygnosis, a new title called "Ring Cycle". The game is only available on CD-ROM and will be released around June. Take a look at the screen shots for this game too!

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