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Crystal Dynamics

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DATE: Summer 94

Released during the summer of 94, The Horde from Crystal Dynamics has been one of the most innovative games ever created for the 3DO system. Since then, different versions have appeared on systems such as the PC's and other consoles, but if you want to get the most out of the game, then you must play it on a 3DO!

The Horde first offers 35 minutes of live-action video that really kicks out everything made so far regarding acting. You will laugh, not because of the bad acting that you usually get in the other titles, but just because it looks so funny and real.

Different Hollywood actors were hired for the cast like Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains) and Michael Gregory (Robocop). Kirk plays the role of Chauncey, the hero you will control, while Michael stands the role of the evil High Chancellor who definitively wants to get rid of Chauncey.

Your adventure started when you saved the King's life during a banquet at the royal court. The King made you Sir Chauncey and gave you the land called "The Shimto Plains" to reward you. He also offered you his famous sword, the Grimthwacker to protect the land against the devilish Horde!

The Horde features a 3D isometric view filled with texture-mapped landscapes changing from land to land as you progress in the game. Your peasants will have different appearances from Amazons to Santa Claus-like characters in the last world of the "Frozen Wastes of Vesh".

Throughout the game, animations are smooth and other objects like cows and all the monsters you will encounter are superbly rendered in 3D.

You must protect the crops and your peasants from the hordlings to get money as the Chancellor will ask you for your taxes. Unfortunately, the taxes increase quickly so you must earn more money. With time, your village will expand and it will become harder to protect it efficiently against those horrible creatures. Fortunately, you can buy magical items that will help you to fight the Horde, and other things such as the Secret of Masonry to build stone walls around the village or hire archers and knights to guard strategic areas.

Sometimes during the game, there will be special announcements using irresistible live-video, and when I was playing, I just couldn't wait to see the next one. After successfully completing the mission in a land, you will be returned to the castle where the Chancellor will assign you to the next land. The videos that include the Chancellor are the funniest in the game with another special announcement for you to discover.


If you are looking for a very funny action game with great sounds and music, beautiful textures and a lot of humor, grab the Horde!


Overall: ****


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